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Rejuvenate with Tantra Yoga. Workshop.
This workshop welcomes women and men of all ages (above 18), single or in couples. Please wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Do you often feel stressed, your mind endlessly running around life’s challenges, your vital and sexual energy diminishing by the day? Do you have problems sleeping, concentrating or keeping your weight in check? Are you ready for a refreshing, all natural approach to life that has a great potential to help you solve all of the above, with time and practice? This 2 hour workshop will just open the door towards the wondrous universe of Tantra Yoga: the science of being the master of your own inner world, of your energies, your health and ultimately your life. As Tantra is such a vast and complex subject, we will focus specifically on few things of urgent importance for most people: - The 7 levels of energy in your being, and 7 yoga poses to restore and re-balance energy on each of them - A breathing technique that can help you rediscover mental peace, focus your mind and release massive amounts of stress - A technique for dissipating frustration and tension (including sexual frustration), while regenerating and rejuvenating your body on many levels, and increasing your overall energy - A simple and effective way to heal your heart of old wounds, let go of the past and welcome life with joy and an open heart. The teacher is Ileana Stefanescu, a professor of Yoga and Tantra with more than 25 years of international teaching experience. Ileana is a Masters in Electronic Engineering, turned teacher of spirituality. She dedicated her life to helping people discover the hidden dimensions of their life and being, and use their unlimited potential.

Las Vegas Enlightenment Center

5795 South Sandhill Road · Las Vegas


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This meetup is meant to bring together women of all ages, education and social backgrounds, to create a space of beauty, charm and magic where every feminine divine quality can blossom.

The teachings offered are rooted in the ancient spiritual sciences of yoga and Tantra.

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