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Philly Sass Meetup #5

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It’s great to see so many new folks in this group. We took some time off while Zivtech (our host company) moved offices, but that’s now behind us and we’ve got a great new space to meet in, and a more convenient location for most of you.

So. What’s new? Let’s all get together again and nerd out on Sass.

Philly Sass Meetup #5

The topic: Project Setup and Workflows.

One of the less obvious and nebulous benefits of Sass is that it let’s you separate your code into “partials” and abstract the organization of your project. There are infinite ways to do this, so let’s use this meetup to look at some patterns.


Mason Wendell (, Zivtech, @codingdesigner, me

I’ll talk about Survival Kit ( the Sass framework we’re building here that we use on all our projects. It does some other neat things, but at it’s core it’s just a nice way to organize our Sass files. This let’s us share projects within a team, work faster, and share knowledge.

Pam Selle, Paperless Post, @pamasaur

Power spriting with Compass. Compass will make your image sprites for you, automatically. This will blow your mind.

Sean Wolfe, Zivtech

Sean will give a 10 minute lightning talk on general Sass features. more details tbd.

Other Speakers: You?

I’d love to hear of some other approaches. If you have a project you’d like to share I think even a quick run down would be very helpful to the group. Email me at [masked] if you’re interested.


Mason Wendell (, Creative Director / VP of Creative at Zivtech

@codingdesigner (
Mason is a Design, CSS, HTML, and Drupal specialist who has been designing and building websites since the early days of the web. He has designed countless sites, written a custom content management system, and an active member of the Drupal community.

Mason's been a Sass user and vocal enthusiast for over four years. He's the creator behind Survival Kit and Breakpoint, coined the term Coding Designer, and author of many articles on RWD for The Sass Way. He also built one the most outlandish Sass experiments,

Pam Selle ( is a professional developer making the web beautiful at Paperless Post. She has been making things online for nigh on 10 years and is passionate about better CSS/Sass (in readability, maintainability, reusability) and about client-side performance. She blogs at and tweets @pamasaur (