What we're about

Ever had the spark of a great idea but didn't know how to follow through?

Or noticed a problem so obvious that you can't believe it hasn't been fixed?

Maybe you wanna start a start-up, but you're short an idea?

If you love the idea of creating what comes next, we'd love to meet you.

We're a Sydney-based innovation think-tank looking for curious and creative minds to join us and solve real-world problems (get a taste of the kind of stuff we love on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Frothonauts)).

Our Meetups consist of rapid innovation workshops and prototyping sessions. You don't need to be able to code or solder or any of that stuff. If you can think, and you're prepared to share ideas, you're in! We're interested in getting all sorts of people along, the more diverse the group, the more interesting the solutions become (in our experience).

We're also looking to build a crack squad of innovative thinkers that we can draw from when we're working with businesses and brands on real problems. If that interests you, make sure you get involved.


We break our innovators up into groups of five to work together for the night.

First, we'll set a problem at the beginning of the night. Then through individual and group brainstorming/ discussion, each group will create a user journey and come up with some solutions to the problem. You'll then vote on your favourites and work together to make them even better. At the end of the night, each group get a couple of minutes to pitch their best idea to the whole group and we'll pick a winner.


We'll take the ideas from the innovation workshop and bring them to life using rapid-prototyping techniques. We've got a super-savvy team than will guide you through product design, user interface and user experience.

For the first of the two prototype nights, we'll use the materials from our treasure chest to make a basic version of the product. At the end of the night, your team will present the prototype, and talk the group through the challenges, the materials you'll need for the next version and how you plan to test it.

The second prototype night will involve fine-tuning your idea, applying the testing and reconsiderations and building a more robust version. We'll chat to you about further testing, building and crowdfunding.

We're a super-mellow and friendly crew, as are all our innovators, so you'll always feel welcome. Pop down on your own or bring a friend, either's easy.

Any questions, hit us up on the forum here.


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