Frugal Fashionista Clothing Swap Aug 3, 2019


PLEASE READ ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are more than a meetup - WE ARE A MOVEMENT! Don't shop!!! SWAP!

Just bring all of the clothing, shoes, and accessories you no longer wear! You can shop/swap for all the items that you want! You are welcome to take home as much as you like! Currently

A new LOWER admission price of $10 per swapper is effective immediately. PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE. We will NOT be facilitating change but donations of overages will be accepted and raffle tickets will be available in lieu of change.

Clothing drop off at 11:30am-12:30pm.
You may have a seat in the chairs provided in the hall or you may leave and come back at 1:00pm when swapping starts.

Franconia Governmental Center
6121 Franconia Road · Alexandria, VA

Please bring ONLY FRESHLY CLEANED, non-stained, torn or ripped pieces of WOMEN’s clothing. The MINIMUM for entry is 5 items of clothing plus 2 accessories (jewelry, purses, shoes, scarves) make sure you would be proud to give an item to a friend. If we deem your clothing "un swappable" it will not count toward your minimum. We DO NOT trade men's or children's clothes or shoes. Please ONLY WOMEN'S CLOTHING, SHOES, HATS, COATS, PURSES OR JEWELRY, UNOPENED perfume, lotions and makeup are acceptable. Only NEW UNWORN UNDERGARMENTS WITH TAGS will be considered. In the past we have seen items such as books, lanyards, used lotion, used makeup and men or children’s clothing items. Unfortunately we cannot accept these items because if they aren't swapped we are then responsible for their disposal. Since our charities do not accept them therefore neither can we. All unclaimed items will be donated. Any monetary PROFITS will be donated to charity. Bring an extra bag to take your choices home in. Bring your clothing donations in disposable bags. Please do not bring clothing in boxes or on hangers.

VENDORS: We do not have ANY available vendor stations as this venue is too small. We anticipate growing, if you are interested in vending opportunities at future swaps please reach out at [masked]. Tables in certain categories will be available for a fee. Starting in October.
SPONSORS: Please reach out to me privately if you would like to sponsor and or host a swapping event. [masked]
PRICE: General admission is $10 admission is free for REGISTERED VOLUNTEERS. $5 Volunteers accepted at the door by Jean.
PRE-REGISTERED VOLUNTEERS attend FREE and can choose up to 3 items before the swap starts as an incentive to help pull this event off.
DO NOT VOLUNTEER IN THE COMMENT SECTION coordinate with Jean. We are limited to how much we can transport to the charities post swap. Please let us know if you can help with this ;) let's all pull together and keep these textiles out of landfills!!!


1. NO FIGHTING. This is a Fashion Swap not a Fashion Frenzy. Women should empower each other.
2. NO STEALING. Check all swapped coats, purses, pants and bags for personal effects BEFORE leaving the premises this will help us to avoid accidental theft.
3. Respect the building and its fixtures by not littering.
4. NO RUMMAGING. Respect the other swappers the volunteers and the swapped items. Refold the clothing you've looked at but discarded.
5. DO NOT HOARD. We don’t promote selling your newly gained treasures on places like eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. If caught reselling items you may be banned from the swap indefinitely.

Please follow these rules we have a zero tolerance for breaking them. You will be removed from the swap; no refunds and may be blacklisted from future swaps.