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There are many threats in today's world that go unaddressed by the public eye. In our advanced world, there still exist enemies who would prey on our diversity, civil liberties and human rights. It's up to the concerned citizen to be prepared to contend with these enemies, should power ever fall into the wrong hands. Self defense is a necessary tool in a world where the criminal mind is desperate. It's a tool we use to protect ourselves from those that would come to harm us. I intend to pass down almost a decade's worth of practical knowledge to my students in order to ready them. We hope for the best as we prepare for the worst.


I am a veteran of the United States Navy where I served in the Operational Security Forces. I am also a martial artist of 6 years and I've become proficient at several different disciplines including Judo, Aikido, Systema and military combatives. I've studied under formidable instructors from the Special Operations community to Olympic gold medalists to grass roots instructors with many years of experience. I hold no official rankings, titles or certifications nor do I claim to represent any one style of martial art. With me I bring a solid ledger of experience. The techniques I teach are something the practitioner themselves can develop and expand over time.


"We hope for the best as we prepare for the worst. We train to defend ourselves and our loved ones. We don't seek to use our knowledge for intimidation, criminal activity or to force our own agendas. We are a force multiplier for good. We believe in tolerance for all people"


. Movement, Breathing, Relaxation, Posture (Systema)
. Full Contact Hand to Hand Combat (Systema / Aikijujutsu / Aikido / Judo)
. Weapons Disarming / Weapon Retention Strategies (Systema / Aikijujutsu / Aikido)
. Knife Fighting / Stick Fighting (Systema / Kali / Escrima)
. Multiple Attacker Drills (Systema / Aikijujutsu / Aikido)
. Close Quarter Combat (CQC)
. Ground Fighting Techniques (Systema / Low Acrobatics)
. Evasion / Stealth Tactics / Low Light Tactics (CQC)



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