Surviving Compilers

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Mode Set

1610 Little Raven St, Suite 135 · Denver, CO

How to find us

Mode Set is tucked back in a little nook. You can see it from Little Raven St. If you’re coming over the bridge from downtown, there’s a breezeway on the right just after you set foot on ground again.

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In June, we're excited to reintroduce Full Stack to the Denver community.

This meetup, Babel ( core team member and contributor James Kyle (github (, twitter (, website ( will show us that compilers aren't black magic by demonstrating a super tiny compiler he's written in JavaScript.

Lovisa Svallingson (github (, twitter ( will start the night by drawing upon non-programming experiences to provide insight into staying fresh and friendly in the tech industry.

Please join us in our new space for a night filled with great talks, food, drinks, and dinosaur-related giveaways. We're partnering with Dinosaur.js ( - held on June 24th here in Denver - to bring you maximum rawrsomeness.


5:30 - Doors open
6:30 - Surviving Software: Lessons learned from life - Lovisa Svallingson
7:30 - Break
7:45 - How to Build a Compiler - James Kyle
9:00 - Doors close

The best place to park is along Little Raven St. There are parking garages on the downtown side of the bridge, next to Union Station.

Please note that Full Stack is governed by a Code of Conduct (

How to Build a Compiler - James Kyle

Compilers are all around you, and the concepts that came out of compilers are used in almost every tool that you use to build software. In this talk we're going to learn about fundamentals of a compiler. From parsing, to transformation, to code generation. Then we'll walk through a super tiny compiler built just for this talk. By the end, compilers won't seem like magic, and you'll know a lot more about the tools that you use everyday.

James is joining Facebook in the near future (congrats James!), but due to the job switch he won't be able to attend in person. He'll present remotely and we're doing our best to make sure it's a fun and educational session with live Q&A and all the energy he'll send over the intertubes.

James is an engineer at Facebook, Professional Sticker Maker, and core contributor to Babel and Lerna.

Surviving Software: Lessons learned from life - Lovisa Svallingson

Software is an industry like no other - although we iterate on similar concepts, it's moving extremely fast. We value skill, curiosity and ideas which improve our current way of getting stuff done. As a software developer, unless your job is requiring you to learn new tools/languages, it is up to you to stay current. With so many great programmers and people in our community, it can be difficult to recognize your progress and realize that you're heading in the right direction.

In this talk I'm going to provide guidance on how to stay relevant, humble and empowered. I'm going to share experiences, insights and lessons learned from my pre-software life which has helped me become a better software developer and community member.

Lovisa is originally from Sweden and lived in various parts of the world before moving to the States for love and to study at university. Halfway through her BA she discovered programming and dropped out to start the Turing program. In May she joined the Rally Software/CA Technologies team in Denver as a front end engineer. When she isn't programming, she might spend time in the mountains, cook or watch wrestling.

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