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Software Developer Career: Own iT by Thodoris Bais

Software Engineering is undoubtedly one of the best-paid jobs nowadays.
The latter implies that the market for Software Engineers is quite big, so there are always quite a few opportunities for all levels of expertise.
However, when a market is big it means it's not always that easy to find good Engineers; because in the end, this is what companies want: exceptional Engineers.
Are you happy enough with your current position? Do you often find yourself in dilemmas like "am I doing the right thing?", "should I change something?", "how can I improve my skills?", "how could I be seen as a strong technical person?" ?

Except for answering the aforementioned questions, this session will actually help you to:

- market yourself as you never did before
- drive your career in the direction you want
- keep being motivated to become better and better
- improve your productivity
- take the right decisions at the right time

Thodoris is an Agile Coach for a big bank and contributes to the prosperity of the (software) community in several ways. He is the Founder & Leader of Utrecht Java User Group, which counts more than 2000 members and has hosted exceptional speakers (where among others, James Gosling and Uncle Bob). Besides, he serves as a Board Member and helps new communities in making their first steps. Thodoris Bais serves the Expert Group of JSR-385 (Unit-API) and has been giving Leadership trainings for the past 2 years. Previously: 5 years of Software Engineering, 2 years as a Technical Author (Java Code Geeks, Web Code Geeks), Open-source contributor. His views are expressed via his Twitter handle @thodorisbais.

Length: 60min