• November Meetup at November Five
    It seems like every year our November meetup is held at the November Five offices. Our inner geek likes that! A big thank you to them for hosting us again. The meetup itself will be held on Wednesday 28th of November. The address: Scheldestraat 11, Antwerp We got two very interesting talks lined up for you. Ike, a very experienced speakers who now works at Studio Emma, will explain how we can profile our applications. Dries Heyninck of November Five will talk on progressive webapps and Electron. Come with a full belly. We don't offer any food, but do have drink for you all. We hope to see you soon! Rias, Freek & Dries SCHEDULE 19:00 - Doors 20:00 - Start TALKS Profiling PHP applications by Ike Devolder Help my client is complaining some parts of the application are slow. Now what? Profiling! What is profiling and how can we measure the performance of our application? There are several tools we can use. Once we have the tools, how do we approach profiling. What to look for. And caveats to avoid when profiling. To finish up, we should avoid that our client is complaining about performance, how can we pro actively use profiling to improve our application. When finished we will end up with a nice toolbox of profiling tools and good ideas how to do profiling and avoid some common mistakes that might distract you from the real optimization. Speaker: Ike is a developer at Studio Emma (https://www.studioemma.com/) (Belgium). Mainly focussed on DevOps and PHP development. But also building some tooling in python and being git manual. Providing a vagrant box provisioned with puppet to make sure we can develop in an environment practically the same as production. In his free time the biggest interest is Metal music and Archlinux (ht tps://www.archlinux.org/). Being a Trusted User (https://www.archlinux .org/people/trusted-users/#idevolder) at Archlinux means following up on new software is part of the 'free' time :). If you want to find more of Ike's hobby projects, check out his Github (https://github.com/BlackIkeEagle). Maybe you want to be annoyed with some random thoughts spit out on twitter: https://twitter.com/BlackIkeEagle) Length: 45min 10 lessons learned when going all-in on AWS by Thomas De Groof For the past months, we've been building a cloud-native application that follows Werner Vogels' guiding principle of focusing on the business logic only, leaving everything else to AWS. That meant learning, by trial and error, the ins and outs of a lot of new services. We're sharing some experiences adopting less trivial services like Glue, Redshift, Codebuild, Codedeploy, Fargate, IoT, Cognito, Athena and Aurora. Speaker: In his career up to now, Thomas has worked with about every technology out there. From frontend to backend, from Javascript over .NET to PHP and everything in between. You might say that he's the prototype full stack developer. Today he's kicking ass as software architect at November Five, bridging the gap between business problems & technology solutions. As architect he has already defined and documented the right tech solutions for clients like Proximus & RSCA as well as for our own ventures like Gorilla. When he's not up to his nose in bits and bytes, he's playing heavy post-metal with his band Onrust. And yes, you can check them out on Spotify! Length: 60min

    November Five

    Scheldestraat 11 · Antwerp

  • October Meetup at KdG Zuid
    For our October meetup we are returning to the Karel de Grote hogeschool. This time however, we will hold our meetup in the shiny new Campus Zuid. The exact address of the Campus is Brusselstraat 45 · Antwerpen. The venue is so kind to provide drinks and some small finger food! Yummie! We have two speakers lined up for you. Wouter Sioen, of madewithlove, will tell us how to successfully build and use microservices. Returning speaker Sam Bellen will do some cool stuff with the web audio API. 🎵 We hope to see you soon! Rias, Freek & Dries GETTING INSIDE The meetup takes places at foyer Y2. Take the stairs or elevator of the Y-Blok behind the reception to the second floor. The meetup is on the 2nd floor. Should you not find the room please text us at[masked] and we'll try to guide you inside. SCHEDULE 19:00 - Doors 20:00 - Start TALKS Microservices after the hype by Wouter Sioen Now the big microservices hype is calming down a bit and people are gaining more and more experience in this topic, we have learned a lot of trade-offs about this way of building applications. This means we can also devise some guidelines on when and how to implement them. Let's share some issues we've encountered with them and what is needed to bring building microservices to a success. Speaker: Wouter is a software engineer working at madewithlove. He's passionate about writing high quality software using TDD and refactoring legacy code towards maintainable systems. Length: 30min Channel your inner rockstar with the web-audio API by Sam Bellen The days when you needed a bunch of expensive musical equipment are gone. We all have devices with a web browser which is capable of creating, composing and modulating sound. The web-audio API makes it easier than ever before to create music on the web. It hosts an array of easy to use audio nodes, which take away a part of the hard work, while still allowing the desired flexibility to create the exact sound you’re after. Speaker: I'm Google Developer expert who works as a developer evangelist at Auth0. At Auth0 we're trying to make authentication and identification as easy as possible, while still keeping it secure. After office hours I like to play around with the web-audio API, and other "exotic" browser API's. One of my side projects is a library to add audio effects to an audio input using JavaScript. When I'm not behind a computer, you can find playing the guitar, having a beer at a concert, or trying to snap the next perfect picture. Length: 30min

    Campus Zuid - KdG

    Brusselstraat 45 · Antwerpen

  • September Meetup at Wunderman
    For our first meetup after the summer we will be returning to the Wunderman offices. We are proud to announce well known DDD guru Mathias Verraes as a speaker. He will be talking on using constraints to find boundaries. Places for this event are limited. If you plan on coming, great! If you change your mind, please update your RSVP status accordingly. We hope to see you soon! Rias, Freek & Dries SCHEDULE 19:00 - Doors 20:00 - Start TALKS Using Constraints to Find Boundaries by Mathias Verraes Traditional domain modelling focuses on the structures and entities in the problem domain. Then when a business process needs to interact with multiple entities, it creates a lot of seemingly unavoidable coupling between them. This happens whether we are organising the code as objects in a monolith or microservices in a distributed system. By focusing on the process first, and the constraints that govern them, it turns out we can find much better object or service boundaries, with lower coupling and more autonomy. Speaker: Mathias Verraes advises organisations on designing and modelling software for complex environments, including architecture, analysis, testing, and refactoring “unmaintainable” systems. He has worked with clients in Government, Logistics, Mobility, Energy, E-Commerce, and more. He teaches Domain-Driven Design courses and curates the DDD Europe conference. When he’s at home in Kortrijk, Belgium, he helps his two sons build crazy Lego contraptions. http://verraes.net

    Wunderman Antwerp

    Generaal Lemanstraat 47 · Antwerpen

  • August Meetup at Rombit
    Our August meetup will take place at the offices of Rombit. They're located downtown at the Meir. We're hosting exceptionally on a Tuesday this time. The hungry ones will be taken care of: Rombit will provide drinks and tasty wraps! We have two great talks lined up for you. Frederick will be talking about surviving legacy software and Marcel will teach us how to build a voice powered app. We hope to see you soon! Rias, Freek & Dries SCHEDULE 19:00 - Doors 20:00 - Start TALKS How to survive the endless fun that is a legacy codebase by Frederick Vanbrabant So you inherited a legacy code base, how bad can it be? After actually taking a look at the code you realise that it is actually kinda bad, very bad. Well no turning back now, let's make the best of this. You have a battle plan sorted out, but how will you actually keep going? This and more general tips will be answered. Cause you might not be working on a legacy project at the moment, but maybe tomorrow you will! Speaker: Frederick is a less than 30 year old developer from Antwerp with a passion for API's and everything that surrounds them. Length: 45min Alexa, let's build a voice powered app by Marcel Pociot With devices such as Amazon's Alexa or Google Home, voice assistants have gotten into our lives. It's undisputed that voice-powered applications can have a tremendous impact on your life and your business. Let's try and build a voice-powered application ourselves and even summon Alexa on stage. Speaker: Marcel is a managing partner and developer at the Beyond Code GmbH in Germany, which builds custom Laravel web projects and focuses on Chatbot development. When he is not on his day job, you can find Marcel working on various open-source PHP projects and maintaining the most popular PHP chatbot framework "BotMan". Length: 40min


    Meir 30 · Antwerpen

  • July Meetup at BossData & Beatswitch
    Our first meetup during the summer holiday will be held at the offices of BossData + Beatswitch. Their address: Broederminstraat 9. Their offices are not as big as some other venues we visited in the past, so be sure to RSVP before all places are taken. This meetup we welcome Christoph Rumpel which will be joining us all the way from Austria. He will give us a crash course about Content Security Policies. We hope to see you at the meetup! Rias, Freek & Dries VENUE There's a fence at the entrance which closes automatically. Ring @ BossData/display.direct/Beatswitch and we'll let you in. Go to the square to the left, through to doors and go to the 2nd floor. We'll be on the left. There's notes posted which will guide you inside. SCHEDULE 19:00 - Doors 20:00 - Start TALK Content Security Policy 101 by Christoph Rumpel As more and more services get digital these days, security has become a significant aspect of every application. Especially when it comes to third-party code, it is challenging to guarantee safety. But in general, XSS and Code Injection is a big problem these days. Content Security Policy provides another layer of security that helps to detect and protect different attacks. In this talks, I will introduce this concept and its main features, as well as show implementation examples for Laravel. Speaker: After trying my luck in the rock music industry for ten years, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. So I started studying Media Technology and discovered my passion for web development. Following this new found passion, I started to work as a backend developer at a Viennese Agency. For the last five years, I worked there with my favorite tools: PHP and Laravel. Since 2016, I am using these tools to build chatbots for messengers and custom website integrations. Since 2018 I am working on my own and I’m currently writing an ebook about chatbots for PHP developers. I also share my experiences and current projects on Meetups and conferences. I love coding, teaching, surfing and my Nintendo Switch. Length: 30min


    Broederminstraat 9 · Antwerp

  • June Meetup at Bagaar
    For our May meetup we're very happy to be hosted by the nice folks at Bagaar in PAKT (www.pakt-antwerpen.be). We have two great talks lined up for you. Ben will speak about Going Serverless with AWS and Karel will showcase Bagaar's Laravel implementation of the JSON API specification. We hope to see you there! Rias, Freek & Dries SCHEDULE 19:00 - Doors 20:00 - Start TALKS Bagaaravel: Bagaar's gentle attempt on a PHP implementation of the JSON API specification by Karel Eeckelaert In this talk, one of our senior back end developers will introduce you into our homegrown Laravel-based implementation of the JSON API specification. The choice for this specification was not a coincidence and is tied closely with one our favorite front end frameworks: EmberJS. We will focus only on the server responsibilities and keep the front end story out of scope. We will walk together through the basics and outline how resources are fetched and updated. Furthermore, we will show you how x-to-y relationship data is fetched or manipulated. It will also be interesting to look at how we can minimise the amount of data transmitted and let the requester choose what data to include. Speaker: Karel is a developer @ Bagaar. He is very passionate about all areas of development with a focus on serverside and DevOps-tooling. Big fan of clean API's and tasty IPA's. Length: 30min Going Serverless with AWS: Creating applications without provisioning or managing servers by Ben Bridts The AWS platform has a bunch of services to make your application "serverless". We will take a look at what defines something to be serverless and how we can leverage services like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway and S3 to build our own applications to be cost-effective, scalable and highly-available. Speaker: Ben Brits started using AWS in 2010 and is currently part of the team at Cloudar, where he works on everything AWS related. With experience in both development and operations, he helps planning, implementing and running high available and elastic scalable infrastructure. He has worked an all kinds of projects, from an auto-provisioned n-tiered application to a completely serverless api. Length: 30min


    Lamorinièrestraat 161A - D303 · Antwerpen

  • May Meetup at Spilberg Belgium
    For our May meetup we will be returning to the beautiful Spilberg offices. On the schedule we have two developers from Spatie who will be speaking on SPA's and on the visual perception of code. We're happy to announce that we will be able to feed you. Like the previous times we were at Spilberg, there will be a foodtruck where you can get delicious burgers 🍔. We hope to see you there! Rias, Freek & Dries SCHEDULE 18:30 - Doors 20:00 - Start TALKS Considering single page applications by Sebastian De Deyne Single page applications are here to stay in the ever-evolving web landscape. Libraries like React and Vue have only increased in popularity the past few years. JavaScript-heavy apps seem to be quite polarising: some see them as the future of the web, while others consider them user-hostile balls of mud. I say there's room for both. This talk is about benefits and trade-offs. Which considerations need to be made before deciding on a single-page application? - What are the architectural differences between single and multi-page applications? - What are the benefits of SPAs? What becomes harder when building a SPA? What implications does a SPA have on user-experience? - Where does a SPA fit inside a Laravel context? - What about in-between solutions like Turbolinks? - What's server side rendering a SPA all about? I won't teach you how to build a SPA, tell you which framework to use, or preach that you should or shouldn't write a JavaScript heavy app in the first place. I will share everything I know to help you make an informed decision whether to embrace or reject a single page app for your next project. Speaker: Sebastian is a developer at Spatie. He has a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from PHP to JavaScript, CSS, and more exotic languages like Elixir. He's currently invested in modern JavaScript architecture, specifically in conjunction with more traditional applications. Length: 45min Visual Perception of Code by Brent Roose Almost every professional programmer is writing and reading code on a daily basis. How far do you go in optimising the reading part? We’ll look into several ways to improve your code from a visual perspective. Speaker: Brent is a web developer at Spatie, he works on Laravel websites and applications, and is active in Spatie’s open source work. Besides his daytime job, he blogs and advocates for web performance. Length: 20min

    Spilberg Belgium

    Graanmarkt 2, 2000 Antwerpen · Antwerpen

  • April Meetup at Wunderkraut
    We're full! Please rsvp to the waiting list if you still want to get a spot when a place comes available. For the April meetup, we will be returning to the cozy Wunderkraut offices. We'll also have two returning speakers. Joeri Sebreechts will guide us through creating a mini-framework. Operations guru Mattias Geniar will explain the basics of Linux server management. We hope to see you there! Rias, Freek & Dries SCHEDULE 19:00 - Doors 20:00 - Start TALKS Let's write a framework! by Joeri Sebrechts They say that you have to use a PHP framework and that you should not write your own. But why is that, and how do you pick the right framework? In this session, we'll live-code a (nano) framework, and a micro-blog that runs on top of it, to explain the decisions that go into building or selecting one. This way we can gain an understanding of what it is that frameworks are supposed to do for us, and how to come to a decision on which one to use. Speaker: Joeri is a software architect at Digipolis working on their ACPaaS city platform. Before that he spent a decade developing and maintaining enterprise PHP applications. He considers himself an information addict, and is always ready to learn about new practices and technologies. Length: 50min Minimum Viable Linux by Mattias Geniar An introduction to Linux covering the most important fundamentals: from SSH (public keys, proxies) to process management (environments, parent/child relations, file handles) to some PHP troubleshooting from a sysadmin point of view (aka: without touching PHP). At the end of this talk, you should have a better understanding of how a Linux server handles processes and how you can debug those from a different angle. Speaker: Mattias a sysadmin, developer & manager at Nucleus, a managed hosting provider. Length: 50min


    Pater Pirestraat 52 · Antwerpen

  • March Meetup @ November Five
    Dear meetup members, for our third meetup this year we will be hosted for the first time in the beautiful new offices of November Five. Both the speakers will be give caching related talks. Stijn will first us through HTTP Caching as a key value store. Jan will talk about how you can implement caching in the different layers of your app. In case you are thirsty there will be water, tea and coffee. We hope to see you there! Rias, Freek & Dries SCHEDULE 19:00 - Doors 20:00 - Start 22:30 - Curfew TALKS HTTP Caching as a key value store by Stijn Symons How November Five benefits from HTTP Caching to reduce cost, increase performance and manage expectations by leveraging HTTP Caching in its applications. Speaker: Stijn is Co-CTO at November Five, has a natural habit of deep-diving into different fields of technology and setting the next strategic goals for the technology domain at November Five. He's always on the lookout for friction in our tech stacks, finding patterns among client projects and matching these use-cases to old and new tech. Together with the growing Architecture team he aims to analyze and align technology before Engineering kicks off, exposing the big questions before they clog development. Length: 30min Implementing Caching on different layers by Jan De Coster How November Five implements different caching strategies on cdn-, server- and application-layers to increase overall performance. Speaker: Jan is a serverside web developer at November Five and a devops enthousiast. Whether challenged with complex integrations, performance issues or a demanding software architecture, the solution is always a few commands away on his ever-present zsh terminal. Length: 20min

    November Five

    Scheldestraat 11 · Antwerp

  • February Meetup @ Wunderman Antwerp
    On the last day of the month there'll be another meetup. We're returning to the cosy offices of Wunderman Antwerp. We have two awesome speakers lined up. Coming all the way from Paris Nuno Maduro will talk to us about a cool project of his: Laravel Zero. Our original schedule feature Mattias Geniar, but to unforeseen circumstances Mattias won't be able to attend. Stepping in for Mattias will be our very own Freek Van der Herten, who will talk on how to hand media in a Laravel application. We hope to see you soon! Don't forget to give feedback to the speakers: bit.ly/phpantwerp-february2018 Frederick, Freek & Dries SCHEDULE 19:00 - Doors 20:00 - Start TALKS Illuminate console applications with Laravel Zero by Nuno Maduro In this talk, we will see the features of Laravel Zero. We will learn the core ideas of the project, understanding not only how to use it, but also what are the key assumptions and motivations behind. The talk will have a live-coding session of 20 mins, where you will learn how to leverage Laravel Zero and Collision to make console applications. Speaker: Nuno Maduro is the creator and maintainer of Laravel Zero (http://laravel-zero.com) and Collision (https://github.com/nunomaduro/collision). He is a Web Developer at Alumnforce, a startup in Paris - France which builds a social network for students. Besides his daytime job, he's active as an open-source contributor. Length: 30 min Handling media in a Laravel application by Freek Van der Herten In most CMS kind of projects you're going to let a user upload all sorts of images and files. Storing those files, associating them with models, creating thumbnails for them, optimizing images, can be a lot of work. Luckily laravel-medialibrary can do all that for you. In this talk you'll see a practical demo of how to get started with the medialibrary. You'll learn how to store files, generate urls to them, how to use different image profiles and how to use external filesystems to store big assets. You'll all so see some exciting new features that will arrive in the upcoming v7 of the package. Speaker: Freek Van der Herten is a develop and prolific package creator at Spatie. He's also building Oh Dear (https://ohdearapp.com), a saas to monitor websites. Length: 50 min

    Wunderman Antwerp

    Generaal Lemanstraat 47 · Antwerpen