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April Meetup at Faktion

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Dries V. and Rias Van der V.


Hi meetup members,

The good folks at Faktion are kind enough to host our 4th meetup of the year. They are located near MAS. We have two cool talks lined up for you. Tom Cools will talk on the importance of pet projects and how they can keep you motivated. Ko Turk will tell us all about the differences between IDEs.

Faktion is so kind to provide us with sandwiches and drinks so you can come hungry and thirsty!

We hope to see you soon,

Dries & Rias

19:00 Doors
20:00 Talks

Learning Through Tinkering: The Need for Pet Projects by Tom Cools

In the daily drag of requirements and deadlines we often forget to take the time for the fun stuff. Yet it’s these “just for fun” projects that inspire us at our jobs.

I will share the paths I have taken to inspire myself in the quest for new pet projects.

There will be code and geek references!

Geek in all facets of the word, including but not limited to boardgames, comic books and programming. Developer without borders, both geographically and technically. Active as a consultant, usually for some of the biggest financial institutions in both Belgium and The Netherlands. Next to that I am trainer/teacher who loves to share not only knowledge but also passion for our craft

Length: 45min

The Battle of the IDEs by Ko Turk

I was battling with my colleague on who had the best IDE! Like a Pokemon Battle he revealed his Pokeball and said “Eclipse, I choose you”! And I was opening my Pokeball and IntelliJ was coming out of it! Which Pokemon will win? The one which is the most productive (for you)!
By comparing Pokemon with IDEs, I am showing you the best features. All based on solid research (675 responses). You ever seen the pair programming modus of Visual Studio Code? Or the Pull Request plugin of IntelliJ (for Github)? With a lot of fun and some video's I will show you all cool features you definitely need to see!

Ko Turk is a Senior Java Developer at Blue4IT, currently he is working for one of the biggest banks of the Netherlands. He loves to go full stack, creating backend microservices and frontend web applications. Because he likes to know everything about Java, you can find him regularly at the UtrechtJUG or other conferences. As a speaker he wants to share his knowledge about the cool features that different IDEs can bring to you!

Length: 45min
Oude Leeuwenrui 39 · Antwerp, al
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1st Floor

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