Full Stack Talks (GatsbyJS and GraphQL)


by Mike Bobadilla

From Mike: "I want my talk to explain what graphQL is and how it is better in a lot of cases than ReST. I would also show some basic queries and mutations using React as the client. I think showing some code using rest vs graphql inside an actual react application would be useful as well."

by Grant Glidewell

Gatsby is a React app generator that has some interesting features. The goal of this talk is for attendees to gain an understanding of it's feature set and how to get started on a project. Its a great fit for a lot of projects, even though its commonly seen as a 'blog' or 'static' site generator. Its actually really useful for eCommerce and other more complex React web apps. The plugin ecosystem and abstracted build process makes doing things that used to be extremely hard, easy to accomplish. There are tradeoffs, and knowing what those are ahead of time will make your learning curve easier. React developers tend to like freedom, but since Gatsby is more opinionated, you trade some of that freedom for an easier build process, static speed, graphql integration, and ease of use with plugins.


Loose Schedule:

7-7:30 Socialize
7:30-7:35 Welcome/Announcements
7:35-7:55 Talk 1
7:55-8:10 Break
8:10-8:30 Talk 2
8:30-9:30 Socialize


If you can't make it to the event, talks will be streamed live at http://live.fullstacktalks.com, and will be available on YouTube shortly after the event as well.

As usual, snacks and beverages will be provided by Planning Center (https://planning.center), and there will be time after the talks to chat with fellow web professionals about all things design and development.

Finally, if you're interested in speaking at an upcoming Full Stack event, please post a message on the Meetup.com boards, or email us your talk idea at [masked] .