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Ilvento Preserve, Ojai, 9 miles/2,600', moderate pace

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At last! It's cooling down in Ojai so this is our first opportunity to get back to the Ilvento Preserve. It will probably be overgrown, but I have permission from the Preserve Manager to brush the trails, so please bring clippers if you have them, and we'll see if we can make a dent. No worries if you don't have clippers. We'll stash clippings offtrail, keeping the trails tidy. If you're not clipping, you'll be stashing!

Our efforts will slow us down a bit, adding about 30-45 minutes to our hike ... no more! It will be worth it to make our return outings here easier. If we get a little done on every hike, the trails will stay in good shape. Our primary focus is the hike and covering most of the trails in the preserve.

A rest stop at a viewpoint. From our 11/8/10 hike. Darina, Brew, Robert, Sara, Elyse, Linda.

Trailblazing? No, these trails have been trodden before. I've been on quite a few of them myself, but not all.

Exploratory? Yes, always trying to figure out the many junctions and learn the trail names here.

Bushwacking? Yes. Check out how brushy the trails are in this pic from our 6/27/10 hike.

Pushing through the brush on our 11/8/10 hike. Darina, Brew, Elyse, Sara, Robert, Linda.

Our route will take us beyond the preserve, into Padres National Forest and past this survey marker. We'll be hiking in the foothills of Topatopa Bluff.

Keep our hiking areas clean. One piece per hike, that's all I ask. If every hiker picked up one piece of trash on every hike, our parks and forests would stay beautiful. I can't remember seeing any trash here, but if we do ... pick up a piece!

Terrain: Nearly all single track.

Meeting Time: Arrive EARLIER to leave promptly at 8:30AM or earlier if we're all there. If you get there at 8:31AM, we'll be gone.

Meeting Place: Rotary Park & Ride in Ojai, just east of HWY33/HWY150 intersection.

Put these coordinates in Google Maps ( to get directions/see location:

34°26'29.93"N, 119°15'35.72"W

Directions: Going north on HWY33, you'll reach a traffic signal where there's a "Y" split. HWY33 continues to the left, HWY150 continues straight.

Go through traffic signal to stay straight on HWY150, stay in right lane and turn immediate RIGHT into next driveway for the Park & Ride. No facilities at Park and Ride.

Click this link to see a Google Earth photo of the Rotary Park & Ride:[masked]

We will shuttle 6 miles to trailhead in as few vehicles as possible.

Type of Hike: Loop, with possibility of an "out and back section."

Stats: Not sure, because it's exploratory, but probably less than 9 miles/2,600'.

Pace: Any pace is fine. You can catch up while we clip.

How long will this hike take? Unknown; it depends on the speed of the slowest hiker.

Bring: The ten essentials (, snacks, lunch, 3L water. It's best not to use trekking poles because you won't be able to brush trails with them. If you use them, make sure you can stash them on your pack for some sections.

Wear: Hat, layers, hiking shoes/boots with lug soles, gloves, long pants and sleeves for brush protection. Consider hiking pants that zip off at knee if you want to wear shorts for some sections.

Dogs: Well behaved leashed dogs welcome as long as they can stay still and keep quiet when horses pass us (lots of horses here). We can take a little side trip to get water for your dog.

Weather: Click here ( to check the weather.

Hike is cross posted with Calabasas Day Hikers:

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