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Private Guided Tour of East London's Street Art 2 (Shoreditch)

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Price: £10.00 /per person

Old Street

Tube Station - Exit 1 · London

How to find us

I will be at the exit 1 holding a sign saying "Fill My Weekend". Please meet there between 1.45 and 2pm.

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Hi guys

This event is now sold out but we have another Street Art tour on Saturday the 12th July, you can sign up to it here:

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Ever wanted to see London's best Street Art?

This is no simple graffiti tour, this is a private guided tour of East London's thriving street art

This is an extension tour to our Spitalfields tour. It's at a slightly more relaxed pace with time to enjoy the area as well as see great art. The group size is a little smaller too so there'll be plenty of chances to ask our guide questions.

A 3-4 hour private tour of vibrant art in and around Shoreditch, we will run a t relaxed pace stopping for snacks and drinks at various points along the way.

These are some of the images from previous tours (of course many if not all of these will have been replaced with new art by the time we do this tour)...

We have never run this tour before. All previous tours in this group have been focused on the Spitalfields area while this is focused slightly North in and around Shoreditch*

This Private tour costs £10

Please note that although Paypal is used for payment, you do not need a Paypal account, just a credit or debit card.

Any questions or for more information please message me or ask below.

Your organiser

*/PS For information to how much overlap there will be with the previous tours it depends on the event you went on, every time I've done this tour the route has been different and only now am I able to standardise it. If you did the tour before June 1st then there may be some overlap, whereas if you did it on or after 1st June there won't be any at all.

Every time I've been on these tours I've seen lots of new work and I've enjoyed seeing the best pieces again. So especially for those of you who did the tour more than a month ago. It doesn't matter you'll see plenty of new stuff and we'll have a wonderful relaxing afternoon too!