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Fun Photography and Travel!

FP&T is a small private group dedicated to bringing together beginning and intermediate photographers wishing to develop a friendly network while learning, exploring and developing their photographic skills. The goal for Fun Photography and Travel is to get you out, help you explore and get the most from your camera. We will strive to help you network and develop lasting relationships with fellow new and mid-level photogs that you can share long after you part from the group.

Fun Photography and Travel believes in quality, not quantity and, therefore, limit membership to under 60 members.

Unlike other meet-ups, we restrict our membership in order for everyone to participate on a regular basis. Many of the shoots will be reduced to a maximum of 14-16 members in order to be able to find parking, avoid long wait times, and create a sharing atmosphere where we can learn from each other. Our events will not be teaching events, but sharing events, we will learn from each other. As 2020 brings changes to Meet-up, this also means a small membership due will be required to be a part of Fun Photography and Travel. The annual fee will cover the cost to maintain the group and to allow for some fun surprises along the way. At present, the annual membership due is $12.00/person.

Myself and our group organizers hope to create an active, diverse and dynamic group, exploring many of the different areas comprising todays world of digital photography. Our first love is outdoor photography and we would like to share opportunities to photograph landscapes, wildlife, botanical, street, portrait, action, night scapes, astrophotography...with others. The group is open to new and intermediate level photographers with any type of portable photographic equipment; however those using portable digital equipment with changeable exposure settings will benefit most and ILCs will afford the best experiences with the group.

Feel free to suggest your favorite photo spot in the South Bay and surrounds and we will do our best to incorporate it. Your organizer(s) work(s) hard to bring you memorable photography experiences. We ask that you do your best to attend events that you sign up for and to update/change your RSVP promptly. It is disappointing to plan an event, have people sign up, and then only have a few attend. Because of this, our group will have a three-strike policy for no-shows and non-participation over a two month period. If you get to three strikes, membership with this group will end. A cancellation within four hours of an event counts as a no-show. Hope you understand.

A few rules for our group and then onto “Happy Clicking” :

1. You must post a CURRENT large frontal headshot as your primary photo, so we can recognize you when we get together. No artsy cutesy logo emoji IDs... Do not let vanity cause you to post a photo of yourself from years ago (when you were 10 lbs lighter and 10 years younger...) We need to know what you look like now. This is for the safety of all members.

2. You must RSVP in advance to any and all meetups you wish to attend. Showing up at an event without being on the RSVP list will result in you being excluded from that event and may result in immediate dismissal from the group. THIS IS FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL MEMBERS INCLUDING ORGANIZERS. For safety sake it is important to know WHO TO EXPECT AT MEETUPS AND WHAT ATTENDEES LOOK LIKE. Please NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. The group will operate under a No-show/No-flake rule. Cancel/change your RSVP to NO at least 24 hours or more in advance (before a meetup). This will allow organizer(s) time to re-evaluate and possibly adjust meetup plans; timely cancelations also allow other members time to fill vacant spots especially in cases of a waitlist. A cancellation within four hours of an event counts as a no-show. Our group will have a three-strike policy for no-shows and/or non-participation over a two month period. If you get to three strikes, membership with this group will end. Membership fee will not be refunded if removed. Hope you understand.

4. You must be respectful of all members and organizers. Aggressive, abusive, obnoxious, or any otherwise disruptive behavior will not be tolerated in this group and may result in immediate dismissal from the group. Understand that being a member of this group and attending group events is a privilege not a right.

5. Each meetup organizer may have additional rules in place. It is your responsibility to read the event description and adhere to the organizers rules/guidelines.

6. In joining Fun Photography & Travel you represent that you are in good/sound physical and mental health capable of participating in whatever event you have chosen to attend or participate in with Fun Photography & Travel. You understand that group members and organizers involved in events you join are peers and do not represent themselves as experts or professionals responsible for my safety during group events. Participation in group events is a confirmation of understanding that each member is responsible for his or her own personal safety at all times (before, during, and after a scheduled events). Fun Photography & Travel is not responsible for members transportation safety to, during, or from any scheduled event activities including carpools set up between members.

7) This group is about celebrating, not competing, photography. We are here to celebrate everyone's images. We want to share the images we like with each other. It is not about my picture is better than yours. We are all equal here.

8) Some of us are learning to use our cameras. Some of us are shooting on cell phones. We're all about making pictures.

THIS IS A PHOTOGRAPHY GROUP. We want everyone to feel safe, secure and respected with the expectation of meeting up to learn/practice photography. We reserve the right to remove members from the group, or exclude from an event, any member displaying negative, toxic, rude, vulgar, or any inappropriate behavior, or in any way that makes any one member or group of members feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

By joining, you are voluntarily agreeing to adhere to the above safety rules and guidelines for conduct put forth by this group.

Thank you!

The group is often closed to new members so all of our photogs can participate on a regular basis. If membership is closed when you visit the site and you're interested in becoming a future member, you can contact us (see the left side of this web page) with your answers to the profile questions and we'll consider you when an opening occurs. If we're open to members when you visit the site, please complete the profile questionnaire and submit it to us. YOU MUST UPLOAD A CURRENT PHOTOGRAPH OF YOURSELF. You must also agree to pay the small yearly due, knowing the three-strike rule applies.

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