Murdaaaarr! A Pirate-Themed Murder Mystery Event


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Join us on the evening of August 8th for an interactive pirate-themed murder mystery game! You and your fellow players will team up to investigate the untimely murder of one unlucky pirate. In between scenes performed by our team, players are set loose to interrogate shady suspects, search for clues, and solve puzzles in order to catch the murderer.

No experience necessary, just show up ready to scheme and sleuth. Our staff will give you more details on how to play when you arrive at the event!

The Details>

DOORS OPEN at 8:00pm. MURDER will occur at 8:30pm sharp! The show will be over around 10:30pm. Late entry may be denied.

*** 2 drinks included in your admission! *** (beer, wine, soda, juice)

Tickets are $25 on Eventbrite and $30 at the door (cash only at the door).

Bring friends or come solo, all are welcome. If you're coming with a group of friends, consider buying all your tickets under one order so we can ensure you're all on the same team!

Pirate-inspired attire encouraged - PRIZES for best costume! Check out Pinterest for inspiration.

The Mystery: Murdaaaarr!

Avast! Welcome to the Golden Age of Piracy. You’ve laid anchor in Port Noble, an infamous pirate stronghold and a bustling center of commerce in the Caribbean Seas. Tonight, you’re joining a boisterous crowd of fellow rogues, ruffians, and rapscallions at the Red Rum Pub, where you’re sure to run into the notorious Captain Munch and his crew from the Sunken Squid. The Squid is currently the most powerful pirate ship in Port Noble, but in a profession known for pillaging, plundering, and plank-walking, you never know which scurvy seadogs might... make a splash, so to speak. Best to batten down your hatches, because at least one ill-fated buccaneer is doomed for Davy Jones’s locker tonight!

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