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We are frugal, fashionistas. We enjoy fashion and saving money. We enjoy a fabulous dress for a bargain or a designer bag for a song. Fashion swaps provide “new to you” clothing and accessories and most importantly help to keep textiles out of our landfill. We love clothing and get together several times a year to share and exchange the best of the clothing we have but don't wear. Not garage sale items...but the best of your closet that you never wore, still has tags, maybe wore for a special occasion, it no longer fits...etc. No prices, no haggling, no negotiations.

Members bring refreshments and use these events to network and socialize as well as participating in the clothing exchange. Fell free to offer to bring refreshments or HOST a Swap for fun. Networking is encouraged and handing out a flyer or business card is acceptable. We hope you will join us soon.

(Still in the early formation stage as of 3/7/2020 - rules/guidelines for swapping to be posted soon. Join Now

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Wine - Pizza - Let's Swap

Needs a location

Let's Get Started. This is a new group for all sizes and ages. I want to get things started quickly and work to make the group grow. Please invite your friends and friends of friends. Normally our swaps will be during the day on a Saturday....but for this first one, which will probably be small in numbers as our membership grows will be different. Bring a bottle of wine / or your preferred beverage along with your swap items....we will chill, swap and eat pizza. After all, what could be more of an icebreaker than sipping wine and trying on cute clothes. You can only take home the same number of items you brought. Best to wear a cami/tank top and leggings to try on. No private dressing rooms available. Let's Swap Away!

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