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Seattle Waterfront Fursuit Walk & Mingle

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Pier 54

Waterfront Park · Seattle, WA

How to find us

After suiting up, meet at the Frankfurter stand at Pier 54

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Get fuzzy and come on down to the Seattle Waterfront!

Join Albejorn as we wander the piers and wave at kids and adults alike. Non-suiters welcome! Photographers & Videographers welcome! We'll see if we can fit everyone into Red Robin at the end.

Be sure to read everything below, it should answer questions and provide helpful tips for this kind of event. I have minor concerns about rain (should stop in early afternoon), but we may have to reschedule if it's looking extremely damp (yay Seattle).

[Below I use letters on the area map, found in the Photos section, for landmark references... better formatting here: ]


Street parking is cheapest, if you can find a spot. From B->D there’s back in parking, and there’s lots of parking under the freeway. More privacy: A.1 Watermark Garage ( 1108 Western Ave, Seattle, WA ) is $12 for 4 hours, $26 until 10PM. Or A.2 Waterfront Place #2, which runs $10 for weekend evening rates.


5PM! We should plan for around 2-3 hours suiting. Up to 4 hours total for suiting up, walking, interacting, returning, desuiting.

Why 5? The Seattle Aquarium has last-entry at 5PM, with exhibits closing at 6PM… sooo lots of kids at D. Also, sunset at 8:30, for those that want pretty pics with the Ocean/Ferris Wheel to their backs.

We’ll meet at B The Frankfurter stand, then start moving towards C Ferris Wheel for the main traffic & interactions. I’d like to make sure we head to D Aquarium for some neat water-fountain photos before heading back.

I’ll make a reservation at Pier 55 (R) Red Robin for those that are interested.


I have not gained clearance to enter into any buildings.

Pier 57 business interiors are explicitly off limits (security informed me their cameras run facial recognition that freaks out with masks). That’s the one with the Ferris wheel. I’d love to eventually get permission for the carousel, but not today.

We’ll be in an urban setting, so be prepared. The ground’s mostly even, but there are some stairs here and there. Beware of kids with ice cream, etc.

I’ll have water bottles and backpacks and long-straws for anyone that’s willing to be a handler. But don’t count on a handler being present (bring your own handler if your suit needs one).


Have a spiel ready when someone asks what we are doing. “We’re a group that loves to suit up in custom characters, be silly, and remind kids and adults alike to have fun.”


Check in with your suiter(s) every 30 minutes or so to make sure they’re staying hydrated. It can be easy for performers to forget to take a drink.

Be aware of small children in the blindspots of the fursuit (immediately in front, anywhere to the side or behind). Stop the child, or the fursuiter, to avoid kick-the-kid. Also, point out when people are wanting a photo.

For more:


Keep paws visible during photo-ops with humans.

Stay hydrated.

For more:

IMPORTANT: Your health and Safety are foremost. If for any reason you need help call out. DO NOT worry about breaking the magic, this is urban suiting and I’d rather try to block a child’s vision for you as you pull the head off, or even upset a child breaking magic, as opposed to calling an ambulance.

Join the Telegram group for coordination day-of!