Ties & Tails Presents: Little Sheep Hot Pot

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Respond by 5:30 PM on 2/2

Price: $60.00 /per person
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It’s the Year of the Pig!

To celebrate, we’re doing another big event, this time at Little Sheep Hot Pot in Bellevue. This is a great all you can eat restaurant with a diverse menu. They have everything from carnivorous to vegetarian options. If you’ve never had Szechuan hot pot before, you’re in for a real treat. Little Sheep serves quality meats and vegetables, provides an attentive staff, and is a great experience with friends.

Once again, we’ll be creating a custom event laminate for attendees. Click through the link below to see October's laminates (and RSVP).

Quick Note:
Meal + Drink + Tax + Tip = $45.
Laminates = $15.
Total = $60.

Link to the RSVP form is here: https://www.tiesandtails.club/upcoming-events/ties-and-tails-club-presents-spring-festival-at-little-sheep-hot-pot-53672703501/