When Furballs Strike 36 - Mario & Zelda Universe!

Kenmore Lanes

7638 NE Bothell Way · Kenmore, WA

How to find us

We will be meeting in Kenmore Lanes' huge party room which is just inside the automatic doors on the street side of the complex, near the lowest-numbered lanes.

Location image of event venue


Our Fall furbowl WFS 36 has been booked for Saturday, October 26! And since many of you have been asking for it... the theme will be "Mario & Zelda Universe!" For the last 30+ years the Mario and Zelda franchises have been one of the most recognizable and popular, spanning across generations of gamers! Let's celebrate the legacy of these classic Nintendo icons and have fun dressing up and accessorize as your favorite character from the world of Mario and Legend of Zelda!

There will be A LOT of Mario-themed prizes in the prize raffle including a giant framed SMB3 Raccoon Mario poster and many plushes!

Supersponsor gift this time is a "Bob-omb" plush! They measure 10" from the base to the tip of the fuse. These will be available for the first 25 Pre-reg'd Supersponsors. We will also have Furlife rectangular buttons and the WFS/FurLife magnets available as an alternate gift, or if we run out of Bob-ombs.

If you pre-reg, there will be a separate, much faster-moving line for pre-reg where you check in and pick up your raffle tickets. You may buy extra tickets at that time as well. Pre-Reg closes at NOON on October 25th (day before WFS).

IMPORTANT: If you would like to bowl in a group, please make sure ALL members pre-reg, or have someone pay for all the spots so they are saved. This prevents confusion and rearranging bowlers later on!


We will be trying something new at WFS 36, we will be doing the group photo AT THE BEGINNING before the lanes turn on for bowling, around 2pm! This way the bowling isn't interrupted and our fursuiters don't have to stay in suit for a long time waiting for the photo. I think this will be a positive change and if people like it, we will keep it that way!

I am happy to announce we will have official badged volunteer/staff at WFS. If anyone has an issue at the meet please find any of our staff members wandering the lanes during bowling and they will help you, or find someone that can. You can always talk to the friendly and helpful Kenmore Lanes staff as well.


Each registration comes with 2 games of bowling and shoe rental plus raffle tickets. If you would like to pre-reg (highly recommended), send your payment via Paypal to: [masked] (easy link: http://paypal.me/kijani) using the "family/friends" option, and please include your FurLife username or what name you would like to appear on the screen while bowling.

$10 - Bowling, shoe rental, 1 raffle ticket

$13 Special - Bowling, shoe rental, 5 raffle tickets, 1 FurLife sticker decal

$20 "SuperSponsor" - Bowling, shoe rental, 15 raffle tickets, 1 FurLife sticker decal, extra raffle ticket to win special prizes. All pre-registered SuperSponsors get a Bob-omb plush OR FurLife logo item as described above.

Extra raffle tickets can be purchased during registration for $1 each, or 5 for $4.

For on-site registration, Cash is preferred, but we are now able to take cards through a secure payment system (.50 fee per reg) at the reg desk! Yaay!


The party room should be open by 11:30, we will start on-site registration around 12:30. I (Kijani) will be there handling check-in with Hubcap (Pre-reg). When you pay your bowling fee I will give you a lane assignment – if you want to be on a lane with somebody please check in together, as we cannot save lane spots that are unpaid. We will be doing 5 bowlers per lane. If you need bowling shoes go to the front desk and tell the attendant you're with the FurLife group.

The Fursuit Group Photo will begin staging at 2pm. If you wish to be in the photo. you must be in your costume at that time, we cannot hold up the photo for latecomers! Please remember to spread out side-to-side as much as possible, since the photo is a panoramic there is no limit to how wide it can be.

Bowling will begin as soon as the photo is over, after everyone has checked in and the names are put into the computer screens.

Bowling ends at 4:15pm, then we will gather in the party room for the prize raffle, do a "last call" for raffle ticket sales and then give lots of awesome stuff away!

Many of our attendees also go to the group dinner, which is now at the Super China Buffet in Shoreline. We have reserved tables in the party room (on the left side of the restaurant up a small ramp) and the dinner is scheduled for 5:45pm (more details below).

And did you know When Furballs Strike has a home on the web including updates, a history of the meet and lots of fun photos? Check it out at http://www.whenfurballsstrike.net !


As always there will be a TON of amazing prizes for attendees to take home in our prize raffle which takes place after bowling ends (around 4:30). Mostly animal or furry-related, as well as some collectibles, nice things for your home and some Mario-themed items.

Our main raffle is full, but we could always use "last chance" raffle prizes that anyone would enjoy like plushes, gift cards, etc. If you donate you'll get 3 free tickets per item (please clear the prize with me before bringing it).

For those new to the prize raffle, each ticket comes in a pair, simply separate each ticket and drop ONE of the two matching numbered tickets into the bag labeled with the prize you want to win. It's that easy!


Kenmore Lanes has a full restaurant and bar for us to order from at our leisure. Please do not bring in any outside food or drink as this is against Kenmore's house policies. Things like bottled water/sport drinks kept in the party room for our fursuiters is fine and encouraged.


DJ Druzy and Kitt Fox will be returning to spin at WFS 36 with some Mario/Zelda themed tracks to play in their set!


Just like previous WFS meets, I will be giving out fun awards for high game in “classic” and “fursuit” divisions. We will also be running our prize raffle again with lots of fantastic gifts to give away for bowling with us at WFS! Additional tickets will be sold just prior to the raffle.

We should be finishing up around 5:30pm. Kenmore has been a great host for us in the past and was very kind in giving us this great deal, so please help clean up after yourselves. Let's try leave the place looking cleaner than when we came in!

Please RSVP as soon as you are reasonably sure you can attend so I can get a more accurate number of bowlers reported to Kenmore Lanes management.

Thanks so much and see everyone at WFS 36! Any questions feel free to post here,message me on Meetup or Telegram @kijani_lion.




Address: 15323 Westminster Way N., Shoreline (Aurora Village Shopping Center)

Time: 5:45pm, in the reserved Party Room (up the ramp on the left side of the restaurant)

Price: $17 all-inclusive or $16 without soft drink - includes unlimited buffet trips (over 50 items including sushi and Mongolian Grill), beverage, tax and gratuity. Payment will be collected at the front register BEFORE you begin your meal.

Website: http://www.superchinabuffetshoreline.com


If this will be your first WFS meet or you would like to see what it's like check out these videos from our most recent WFS and also our world record meet one year ago!

WFS 35


WFS 30


New world record! 340 attendees & 158 fursuiters turned Kenmore Lanes in to a mini bowling con!