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Keeko's Birthday!

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FILLIES AND GENTLECOLTS. Here's the haps for Sunday.

Ice skating at Lynnwood Ice Arena, from 2:45-4:15, or whenever everypony feels like ducking out for movie viewage, the movie's gonna be Paranormal Activity 3, and if you haven't seen previews for it, the website's right here:

It's also got times and theaters that are showing it, so we can settle on where and when we're gonna do that when we're skating and/or falling around, okieday? Though my vote goes for the 7:30 at the Landmark, since that gives ample time for us to fill our bellies with foodstuffs, the 4:10 at the same theater is a close second.


Everypony coming hasta bring cash, so when I'm payin' for y'all it can be done simple and clean like, k? It's only 8 bucks, so let's just make this as streamlined as possible, to make up for my horrible time-management skills. xD