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Cirothes Birthday Bonfire ect Party

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Well better late than never Cirothes 22nd birthday is the 14th but we are holding a little bonfire get together for him before the big bonfire one. We are doing the normal fire and foods hoping to get a cake as well not to sure what else we are gonna do but we would love to invite furries if interested!

phone number:[masked]
please call/text ((sometime texting is better))
if your gonna make this

really if your going to get gifts he really would like people to show and have fun and possibly tools for working on cars or art lol

please need people to pitch in if possible by bringing drinks and stuff to cook on the fire along with what we will already have to contribute ^.^

Thank you guys and lets hope we can have a blast!


Sure why not as long as the ground is dry but member its around a fire :P

Possible list of stuff to help out?:


extra sodas


what we will have:



some sodas

some cake

extra stuff to burn?:

sure bring it all!