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Sunday 9:00AM Pickup at Camden Community Center

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How RSVP Will Work: We have been drawing good groups of 22+ lately, so RSVP means something. Sign up and arrive early with the following fine print in mind:

Even limited to 22 with an automatic wait list. At 9:15AM I will form teams using the RSVP (I have the meetup app so I can check at the field) I appreciate everyone that has an easy to identify image / name on meetup If at 9:15AM someone on RSVP is not present they will be replaced by someone on the wait list. If there are still spots left over then I will fill them with the extras When there is room for a second game the group will help form second game with the ideal distribution of: 24 players = 7x7 and 5x5 25 players = 8x7 and 5x5
26 players = 8x8 and 5x5
28 players = 8x8 and 6x6
Skill Level: We have a good mix of skill levels and ages. Most players are men with some basic skills; however, beginners are welcome, there is no show boating, and everyone is welcomed into the game. I will make an effort to make sure the teams are balanced.

If you are a beginner let me know and I'll give you a few pointers (if you want them) from my years of coaching.

Aggressive Play: Generally we don't have problems, but as the group has gotten larger we have had some incidents. I don't mind aggressive play between intermediate and above players; however, I don't tolerate it with beginners or non-aggressive players. If you can't control yourself you will be asked to leave

Notes: I don't tolerate beginners since they often don't know what is "aggressive" and what is illegal. I think non-aggressive players should be respected in a pickup- and if you don't give you don't get. The red card goes to the person I see commit the offense. And like most referees I usually turn around late so.... don't retaliate!

Equipment: Please bring both a dark and a white shirt (gray, pink, and tan are not appreciated:). Cleats for grass would be good.
Field Conditions: This is a good grass fields. Occasionally the grass may be long; however, the pitch is level with no protruding sprinkler heads. There are some trees to the side, we don't play amongst the trees- ever.
Cost: FREE!!!
Contact me if you have concerns.