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New Year's Day 10:00AM Pickup at Camden Community Center

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22 people went

Camden Community Center

3369 Union Ave · San Jose, CA

How to find us

There are two fields. We play on the back field; however, *if available* we use the front field for overflow.

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Unfortunately the New Year Eve pickup did not get much attendance, so please RSVP. If we do not get at least 10 RSVPs then I, and others, will assume that the game is a no go.

We had great attendance last year, and hopefully again this year. Note: I moved the game to 10AM to help with everyone's New Year Hangover.

Equipment: Please bring both a dark and a white shirt (gray, pink, and tan are not appreciated:). Cleats for grass would be good.

Fee for Goals: I am still collecting $5 each for the 2 new sets of 8'x5' goals. Most of the regulars have contributed; however, I am far short of the money for both sets- these are good quality goals. Contributions of $10+ will give you priority in which game you want to play in- and is just very much appreciated.

When there is room for a second game the group will help form second game with the ideal distribution of:

• 24 players = 7x7 and 5x5

• 25 players = 8x7 and 5x5

• 26 players = 8x8 and 5x5

• 28 players = 8x8 and 6x6

Game Balance: I will make an effort to make sure the teams are balanced, which may mean I will ask you to change sides, or join one or the other game.

Skill Level: We have a good mix of skill levels and ages. Most players are men with some basic skills. Beginners are welcome, there is no show boating, and everyone is welcomed into the game.

Warning: recently the skill level is such that players with little to no experience honestly find it intimidating. If you are a beginner let me know and I'll give you a few pointers (if you want them) from my years of coaching.

Aggressive Play: Generally we don't have problems, but as the group has gotten larger we have had some incidents. I don't mind aggressive play between intermediate and above players; however, I don't tolerate it with beginners or non-aggressive players. If you can't control yourself you will be asked to leave

Notes: I don't tolerate aggressiveness from beginners since they often don't know what is "aggressive" and what is illegal. I think non-aggressive players should be respected in a pickup- and if you don't give you don't get. The red card goes to the person I see commit the offense. And like most referees I usually turn around late so.... don't retaliate!

Field Conditions: This is a nice field. Occasionally the grass may be long; however, the pitch is level with no protruding sprinkler heads. There are some trees to the side, we don't play amongst the trees- ever.

Cost: Guests are welcome and free to play if we have room; however, if you have not contributed to the goals you may not get to play with the main game and if we go beyond two 8v8 games you may not be able to play.

Contact me if you have concerns.