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Few months after the launch of the group, we are seeing evolving trends, interesting technologies coming, and new opportunities. We are focused on disruptive technologies and most of all, Changemakers.

We are teaming up together with industry experts, changemakers, entrepreneurs and companies to create a pragmatic and positive impact in society.

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TEAM UP TO CHANGE THE WORLD! We are on a mission to find Changemakers! In our words, Changemakers are the next generation of entrepreneurs. Those that are prioritizing value over profits, that see the economic returns as just one of the rewards for creating value for the end users or society. THE WORLD NEEDS CHANGEMAKERS That can see the long term impact of problems-solutions, investing their time and efforts at improving other people lives making the best use of technologies, tools and knowledge to create meaningful solutions. Those are the people that will shape tomorrow’s society. A fundamental part of our mission is to find, connect and empower Changemakers with the best tools, experience, developing together new projects & solutions, while also channeling the support of a growing community. Ready for a new, exciting journey? IN THE NEXT EVENT: PART 1 We'll discuss and take some decisions together about setting up an investment fund or vehicle for positive impact projects. PART 2 There will be 3 different moderators and practical exercises to start forming groups for specific projects, pragmatically moving from talks to actions. PART 3 Networking time, to get to know better the other group members and form valuable connections. --------------------------- Who should be joining? - Entrepreneurs that want to be part of new and exciting projects. - Team members interested to dedicate some of their time to meaningful projects. - Students/Interns, that can learn from experienced entrepreneurs. - Investors that are interested in supporting global impact projects. - Supporters or sponsors, that want to create value by supporting this mission. - Anyone interested in creating value. Join Us!

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