Sustainable Economics: How Fvtura is Creating Impact Ecosystems?

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And how can you be part of the change?

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A few self-awareness questions:

> Are you creating value, or are you fueling part of the problems in the current global society?
> Are you supporting fairness or accelerating unfairness?

Here we are, to shape a better world, conceptualising new economies and developing projects and technologies for good.

FVTURA has been gathering projects and experts to shape better humanity and society for a few years. During this journey, we’ve been building a mindful professional community, The Think Tank. Now we are getting ready to launch the Think Tank PRO, a network for the industry experts who want to make a change for society and the world. We are also preparing the launch impact projects supported by The FVTURA Incubator and ecosystem. It wouldn’t have been an easy journey facing many difficulties, but all the Changemakers that we've met during this time, keep us moving forward and consolidating our ecosystems firmly. We’d love to share the main challenges and the way we solved while enhancing the ecosystems.

Nowadays, companies have the same or higher influence than countries. And large companies should be more mindful and aware of the impact that they are having on society itself. Measuring the value they’re creating (or destroying) for society and be aware of the effect that their business can have on the environment and the people.

FVTURA is creating an ecosystem of companies, technologies, and projects, with the goal of improving and empowering, mindfully, the life of millions of individuals.

Meet the mindful expert network of Think Tank and FVTURA ecosystem, sharing meaningful insight and knowledge! Hear from the project leaders who run our impact projects, and experts who take care of FVTURA ecosystem. Get pragmatic advice on positive impact projects, building communities, and making meaningful connections among business units and ecosystems of your organisations.

> Perspective on how to build impact projects
> Way to build and boost a community
> Maximising interactions among members
> Mindful professional network
> How to join FVTURA's ecosystem

> 40 Mins: Sharing about FVTURA’s journey and relevant projects
> 15 Mins: Q&A and sharing knowledge
> 1 Hour: Networking with mindful professionals

> People who love to create positive values
> Entrepreneurs
> SMEs’ leaders
> Business leaders and innovation executives
> Innovators from societal impact projects