Past Meetup

"Indie Game: The Movie" screening

Hosted by The Sacramento Developer Collective

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Where we will be

Room: 241

It's summer time folks and what better way to beat the heat then watch an awesome movie! For this particular gathering we will be doing a screening of "Indie Game: The Movie (". A truly fantastic documentary about indie game development.

The documentary will showcase a ton of really famous indie game developers giving an inside look of what it's like to truly go indie... I think this will be a great opportunity for those interested going down that road to see what it's really like. And for others really interested in the indie game dev world to see what it's all about!

The event will start up at 6pm, and after people get settled in and things are setup movie time will begin at 6:20pm after a short presentation. After the movie is over little bit to mingle then it will be time to shuffle on out by 8:15pm.