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Meeting up in the Rowan/Glassboro area for a 4ed, story driven D & D adventure

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I am new to the area and have DM'd a few games here and there and really enjoy the role. I am going to co-DM with a friend in a way that is sure to make the players excited to show up every week. That being said, it will be a weekly game. Probably at the Comic Book Store in Glassboro for starters. Going to start the Thursday after Valentines so we don't have to worry about missing out on sessions right in the beginning.

I am going to lead the search for players. We are looking for mature players that are willing to deal with a variety of issues and not just do a hack and slash all session. While there will be plenty of enemies to destroy, you are going to be more interested in why we are battling and not so much for the mindless battle itself. We are going to be screening players based on their back story. Your back story will drive the entire world so we want detail!!! So I guess send me your character backstory and we will pick our players. Please feel free to RSVP to show interest, but we want a good group so we will again be screening all players that RSVP. Send your information to We will be starting characters at level 2 or 3 so your character should be above age 23. Once we pick characters we will begin building the world and start the following week.

Here is a thought that sprung into my mind based off a question about the world we will be playing in:

This is a world in which humans, dwarves, and tinker gnomes dominate in the city areas. The era of magic is changing and the world of innovation has begun. People still live in fort-style cities with castle walls, but the world runs on steam/coal. The slums are ridden with garbage tossed out by the wealthy and the disparity between rich and poor is even more staunch in this world. The dwarves are currently living on the surface and actually were the deliverers of the steam/coal technology that powers the boats that run the waterways. However, some belive the dwarves stole the technology from the gnomes that also entered the scene at the same time. There are even pirates on the waters! Elves and other mystical creatures are very much alive in this world, but they are rarely in the cities. The few that do are seen as hippies that are contantly trying to convince people to abandon the new technology that is harming the planet. The typical fire and ice magic users are around but are not as trusted. This just means that elemental users don't show off their powers in public unless necessary. However, most adventurers scour the countryside for elemental magic users because magic is still very much alive. But evolution has not stopped with elemental magic. It is common for people to use psychic and telekentic abilities and more nature-based magic has been popping up constantly in those living outside the city walls. Also there has been talk of great spiritual strength rising from common warriors that engage in combats. The adventurers will start in the river city of Quar. Known for great festivals, rich citizens, great libraries, temples and university, and unfortunately its poorly maintained slums. Here the hatred between rich and poor is heavy. Many of the poor have been converted by druids to become farmers outside the walls of the city. Others are either becoming more sly at theiving to survive or there are those that believe they can actually find a way out and join the ranks of the rich. Everyone knows the damage they are doing to the planet, but chalk it up to natural evolution and technology.

So that was a random world I came up with in a matter of 3 minutes. Its all about the imagination. The world will honestly be created by your characters so please feel free to use this background or alter it a little to fit your character. I will change things as needed because I am very adaptable as a DM.

With all that being said, here is the minimum to include in your back story/character background (You can keep it general but the more detail gets more consideration):

Religous Belief (if any..elaborate)
Core beliefs
What has happened in the last 7 years of your character's life?