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The address is listed on this meetup, look under the title.


There are 2 cats in this house.

Arkham Horror has the possibility of going for 4 or more hours. Keep that in mind when rsvp'ing.

Arkham Horror the board game has a maximum of 8 players per board. We have three boards so the total for this meeting is 24. Please do not show up unless you are on the Yes rsvp list. We will not be able to accommodate more than 24 people.


Interest has been shown in having a monthly Arkham Horror game day. So I am making this happen. You're welcome. =P

What to Bring

Eat before you come, bring snacks, or bring something to share.

The game has pre-generated character sheets and tokens, so you don't have to bring anything.

Keep in mind that this game has a possibility of lasting 4+ hours, so if you like caffeine you might want to consider bringing something with caffeine in it.

Where will we be meeting?

We'll be meeting at a private residence.
Please be respectful, this is someone's home.
The address is listed on this meetup, look under the title.
DO NOT post their address live in the comments or message boards.