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What we’re about

This group is to gather the women who are dedicated to living a life of freedom, truth, and wildness.

This is for the wild women.
This is for the witches.
This is for the ones who desire a life of authentic, FULL expression.
This is for the ones who want to be seen in all of their truth.

Are you a woman who runs with the wolves?
Or do you have a desire to be?

Here we embrace all of your parts: the beautiful, the messy, the wild, the weird, the disheveled, the barely-hanging-on, the big dreaming, the clawing the ground with grief, the planting seeds of intention, the powerful, the magical, the mystical.

There is a group of real, authentic, powerful, and supportive women here in SWFL and in our online groups and programs. If you are desiring this, we would love for you to join us at one of our events or meetups.

We gather in monthly full moon rituals, a wild woman book coven, and other free social events. Join us to meet your circle, your coven, your sisters.

For more information about our monthly full moon rituals, check out this website: