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Namaste - I am Aleesha, welcome to the Gatherings of Light a community for anyone who is on a journey to Heal their Body, Free their Mind & Awaken their Soul.

We are in an amazing time of change, growth & evolution in this world. Millions of us all over the world are waking up and realizing that we are Spiritual Beings here by choice to have amazing Human experiences. This journey has been hard, challenging and seemingly impossible at times. Many of us have felt alone, unconnected, unloved often struggling with pain & dis-ease of Body, Mind & Spirit. Even in our darkest times we have felt that we our different than most, that we are here for a reason, to be of service for a greater purpose in this world.

We are the Light Bearers and our purpose is to help each other & the world to Heal, Grow & Awaken from a 3D world of Fear/Hate to a 5D world of Peace & LOVE. While this is the most amazing, blessed task we can have, it is also a very difficult one. Many of us struggle with finding a way to open fully to our power, than when we do it is hard to maintain in the 3d world. We are being asked to speak our truth to others who don't understand or think we are crazy. We are going against just about every perceived belief, worry & fear in the world.

These gatherings are to bring Light Bearers together as a Tribe, in friendship, understanding & Love. We are all teachers, students, healers and need to be healed, we are all Channels able to bring Messages, Guidance and powerful Healing on all levels. Together we can help each other by supporting, validating & sharing our experiences. We can help each look into the mirrors of our Souls to see our powerful brilliance & Love. Most important we can gather together to bring more Joy into life, dance & sing with the Fairy Energies and reconnect in laughter & play with our Inner Child!

The Garden of Light was manifested by me and guided to by the Universe. The story how I came to own it is filled with incredible syncronicities and couldn't have happened without my listening daily to my Higher Guidance & letting go of all doubts & fears. It is my home and surrounded by a 1/2 acre of the most magical tropical garden space. It is located in Sarasota's downtown edge between Sarasota's richest & poorest neighborhoods. There is a small pool, fire pit and circle and plenty of room inside and out for lots of fun activities. It is a space that is anchored in Light, surrounded by Ancient Trees and gateways to the Realms of Higher Vibrations such as Angels, Masters, Fairies and so many more! As soon as you walk through the gate you will feel the Light & Love of the Energies that reside here!

I see it becoming a community of Light, with weekly gatherings, Full Moon Gatherings, Potlucks, Music, Festivals, Workshops, Art, Movement, Cooking. I see Meditation Paths, Organic Gardens. I see a Co-op of sorts with a network of trade for Services, Artisian & homemade Goods. The possibilities are unlimited as we build the New world we wish to live in!

Aleesha- I started this Meetup as Our Healing Journey 8 years ago when I moved to Sarasota to heal after Leukemia & a bone marrow transplant left my body destroyed with several "incurable" auto-immune diseases & chronic full body pain. Honestly I moved here to die but the Universe had other plans for me & my true healing & adventure began. I learned how to heal much of my body with Nutrition & Holistic Therapies, than desperation lead me to healers who told me I was a powerful Divine Being ( U R CRAZY-I said). Still, I became a Reiki Master, trained 2 years in Lightworkers Healing, spent the last 4 years having incredible experiences as a Healer, Psychic, Medium, Trance Channel. I've channeled Archangels, Masters, Galatic Beings, Guides of all sorts, even an occasional crossed Loved one. I've crossed over lost souls, removed dark entities and so much more. I've traveled around Florida & beyond, holding message Galleries, giving powerful Group & Private Healing sessions, taught classes on just about every subject on Nutrition, Healing, Spirituality & Metaphysics.

My journey has been long and I've often wanted to give up. I am 48 and it's been 18 since my first Leukemia diagnosis, 12 since my Bone Marrow Transplant. Today I am the healthiest & happiest I have ever been, more comfortable in my body than ever and loving myself & life more than I thought possible. I am free of Cancer, off most medications (on over 20 types at one point), my Diabetes is food controlled and most of the "incurable" diseases are gone or under control. I weigh a constant 150 (weighed over 300 at heaviest) I still have some issues, less energy & more pain than liked. I still have much growth before I fully live in that place of Love & Light. I still judge others & myself to much, worry about money, loss patience, struggle with food choices and giving my body the exercise, rest, balance it needs. I'm working on more empathy for others, and in giving to much energy to helping those who don't want to help themselves.

For me this last year has been Transforming, I feel I am finally on the right path and it's beautiful, amazing and clear! Each day I am so grateful & joyful to be alive, I am learning to BE in the NOW and it is incredible! I am doing what I love to do, what I know is my purpose and I'm doing it in a way that I am passionate & joyful about, in a way that is healthiest for me. I am a Gatherer of the Tribe, a Teacher of Holistic & Ancient Healing ways, a Powerful Soul Healer for Transformation of Body, Mind & Soul. Whether I am hosting a Gathering, doing a private session or welcoming a friend into my, I am passing on what I have learned and helping others do the same. I am a Magical, Powerful Brilliant Light of LOVE & JOY!


No matter where you are at on your Journey have hope! I have been in your shoes and meet so many others that have had lives full of pain, fear & darkness. I have also witnessed numerous miracles of healing & transformation. Have faith, not in anyone person, thing, place or belief. Have faith in yourself, Believe in Yourself, YOU have everything you need inside of you! Let go of the limiting beliefs, the "logic" of what you were taught of who you are, open your heart and listen to your Inner Voice of Guidance, the one that says you can do anything, be anything, that says you are amazing, powerful, loving and loved. BELIEVE IN YOU - HAVE FAITH IN YOU-LOVE YOU! & Me & everyone else! See the BRillance in yourself, the world and everyone & everything in it! Look beyond the physical and see the Magic, the LIght and the unlimited possibilites!

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