First Wodin's Day, Board Game Brawl for Valhalla

The Houston Gauntlet - Tabletop RPG Community
The Houston Gauntlet - Tabletop RPG Community
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Every 1st Wednesday of the month

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Tonight we will be collecting at Jax's Grill to play some friendly games that may spiral into a chaotic dance of unchecked hatred and vengeance.

Please feel free to bring your favorite board and or card game as long as it meets the following criteria:

1: You must be familiar enough with the game you bring that you can explain it to the group. Please do not bring a game you know nothing about. We like to be able to jump into a game with out having to sit and read the rules in full to under stand the process.

2: Make sure the game you bring has all of its pieces. If you have just purchased a game please open it and make sure everything you need to play is actually available.

3: We like games that can support 4 players or more. There are great games out there that are specifically made for two or three players but we generally have between 8 to 14 players. It is much easier to transfer between games if there are only two or three tables.

4: We meet at 7:00 and generally start closing up shop around 9:30 so games that need to go longer than 1 or 2 hours are not going to work.

5: We start at 7:00 and unlike our normal rpgs where we may be able to fit you into the story at an opportune moment that is not the case with board games. If you show up late on board game night you may be asked to sit out until the current game ends and the next one begins.

We hope to see you there with your game face on.