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What we’re about

This group is for individuals who identify themselves as gay or lesbian but wish to keep their sexuality strictly a private matter as coming out may pose a serious threat such as being disowned by family, losing a job, etc. This group is a platform based on a clear understanding that "coming out" is unfortunately not possible for all of us. Thus, some of us may have to seek an alternative lifestyle. The primary goal of this group is to bring together closeted gay and lesbian individuals for the purpose of a healthy relationship. Healthy relationship would allow them to sustain what is perceived as a much more "normal" and "acceptable" lifestyle in a predominantly straight and often homophobic society. All gay men and lesbian women who prefer a certain degree of “discretion” are welcome to join, even if they are from other parts of the country. Members may keep in touch via email and be informed of the group's progress. I hope this platform enables the closeted gays and lesbians to meet, chat and finally connect with a compatible partner. Sex seekers and Non serious people please excuse. strict action will be taken on people whom we found non serious and would try to block them forever from Meet up society.