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Workshop: Coming OUT to Ourselves!

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Coming OUT to Ourselves: Admitting , Accepting, and Embracing Who We Truly Are

Have you ever wondered why? Why can you lose the weight, but not keep it off? Why do your relationships all seem to end the same way--badly? The cause of such self-defeating behavior can often be shame. Frequently it has to do with what someone told us, and we accepted whatever they said as our truth. But you are the expert in your life! Your life means what you say it means!

Meet Rev. Jerry Troyer and hear this heart-opening and life changing message. His work has been praised by Lambda Award winning authors and many others. Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson said that Jerry's work "reveals how issues of shame, addiction and religion are interconnected--and how healing can happen."

Experience the healing! Sunday, July 7, 1-2:30 pm, Overdier Hall, 1545 W. Morse Ave, in Roger's Park.

Suggested donation of $20 for the workshop. RSVP to reserve your seat today! Pay as you are able at the door.

Learn more about Rev. Jerry Troyer's latest book, "Coming OUT to Ourselves"