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GDG Garage is an hands-on, hyperlocal & regular meeting of developers.

Hands-on means that there is no speaker. People come and work together in small groups — on whatever they feel like. Hyperlocal means it’s a neighborhood thing. If you need to travel a long way to a GDG Garage, you are doing it wrong, and you should create your own. Regular means it happens bi-weekly or more often.

Think of GDG Garage as a D&D session, but instead of dice and sheets of paper, you have laptops and code.

Or think of it as a local gym, but instead of excercising muscles, you excercise your coding skills.

Four Principles

1 — Nobody is perfect

It’s okay to ask for a code review or for help when you’re stuck.

It’s not okay to mock someone for not knowing something.

2 — Try something new

Get out of your comfort zone. Are you a JavaScript guru? Say hello to malloc(). Are you a backend guy? Here’s a couple of UX components.

It’s easy to diss another programming language or development approach. It’s much more difficult (and useful) to actually learn something about it.

3 — Work in small groups

Don’t work alone (you don’t need a GDG Garage for that).

Don’t work in larger groups (5+ people) — it’s not effective.

4 — Share your knowledge

Helping someone with their problem usually means you get to improve your own skills.

A little help today can lead to a huge collaboration in the future.


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