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Google I/O Recap - Lightning Talks!

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Hi folks!

I'm delighted to announce that we have 9 great talks about what our developer community is most passionate about planned for Tuesday 6/14. Our roster includes three developer authors.

Here's a short summary of what is in store:

Adam Stroud: He will give a talk about Espresso testing. He was the Android lead at RunKeeper and authored the books Professional Android Sensor Programming ( and Android Database Best Practices (

Zigurd Mednieks: He will talk about what was new with Android Studio at Google I/O 2016. He wrote many titles on Android programming that you can see on Amazon (

Jonathan Linowes: Jonathan co-authored the new book, Cardboard VR Projects for Android ( He will compare the new Cardboard and Daydream VR SDK’s, and show how to convert existing Cardboard apps to use the updated SDK.

Joe Mahon: Joe will talk about integration testing and introduce some new features of Android accessibility. We'll hear how playing around with Voice Access will help you build better apps.

Leise St. Clair: Her talk, Design in Motion, will investigate what's new in the Material Design Spec, especially the Material Design motion spec announced at I/O '16.

Max Binshtok: Max will tell us about the new additions and improvements to existing services in the Firebase family sprinkled with some practical tips and tricks as well as some possible ideas for how to employ the power of Firebase that nearly any app could benefit from.

Praveen Aravamudham: Praveen will give the introduction to Progressive Web Apps and talk about building your first Progressive Web App. Praveen has a knack for finding the shortest path to a finished app. He will walk you through the code for a completed Progressive Web App

Christina Kayastha: Christi will continue the Progressive Web App discussion and will speak about building PWA with Accelerated Web Pages (AMP ( We're delighted that she chose this topic because we've wanted to cover AMP to see if there is a subset of our community that would like delve further into AMP.

Amal Hussein: Amal is really enthusiastic about Progressive Web Apps and attended I/O in person this year. She will introduce us to the new PWA Tool Kit that will take you from zero to hero when building your applications, thereby allowing you to focus on your value proposition.

We'll wrap up with a AMA panel that you can ask anything about Google I/O

10 canal park · Cambridge, MA