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Introduction to Cloud Run (& free book bonus!)

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Introduction to Cloud Run (& free book bonus!)


This month we'll have Wietse Venema - the author of the Cloud Run book from O'Reilly ( - join us from Amsterdam to give us a talk on Cloud Run. We may also run a hands-on lab at the end if people are up for it. We'll also be raffling off 5 copies of his book!

Wietse is a software engineer. If he's not helping teams to build scalable and reliable software, he's figuring out how things work so I can be a better engineer and teacher. He work's at to help companies build what's next in the public cloud.

He's proud to be the name twin (not family) of the famous Wietse Venema, who created Postfix.


Google Cloud Run is a managed container platform with a serverless pricing model (if a container is not handling requests, you're not paying). Coming out of the talk, you'll have a high-level understanding of what Cloud Run is, what the developer workflow looks like, and how to position the product next to other compute products on Google Cloud. There's a hands-on demo at the end that reinforces the concepts I cover in the talk.


If you build, maintain or deploy web applications, this talk is for you. You might go by the title of a software engineer, a developer, system administrator, solution architect, or a cloud engineer. I cover the fundamentals in the talk and reinforce them with a hands-on demonstration: You’ll get value out of the talk whether you’re an aspiring, junior, or experienced developer. I don't assume experience with Google Cloud or Cloud Run - but a general notion of what a web application is and how you develop it is certainly helpful.


The talk is a presentation and a hands-on demo. I usually take questions as they come up (if they are relevant at that point), with a Q&A at the end to round up all questions. It takes me 45 minutes to one hour to run through the deck, depending on interactivity.

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