• Introduction to Cloud Run (& free book bonus!)

    Online event

    This month we'll have Wietse Venema - the author of the Cloud Run book from O'Reilly (https://wietsevenema.eu/cloud-run-book) - join us from Amsterdam to give us a talk on Cloud Run. We may also run a hands-on lab at the end if people are up for it. We'll also be raffling off 5 copies of his book!

    Wietse is a software engineer. If he's not helping teams to build scalable and reliable software, he's figuring out how things work so I can be a better engineer and teacher. He work's at Binx.io to help companies build what's next in the public cloud.

    He's proud to be the name twin (not family) of the famous Wietse Venema, who created Postfix.

    Google Cloud Run is a managed container platform with a serverless pricing model (if a container is not handling requests, you're not paying). Coming out of the talk, you'll have a high-level understanding of what Cloud Run is, what the developer workflow looks like, and how to position the product next to other compute products on Google Cloud. There's a hands-on demo at the end that reinforces the concepts I cover in the talk.

    If you build, maintain or deploy web applications, this talk is for you. You might go by the title of a software engineer, a developer, system administrator, solution architect, or a cloud engineer. I cover the fundamentals in the talk and reinforce them with a hands-on demonstration: You’ll get value out of the talk whether you’re an aspiring, junior, or experienced developer. I don't assume experience with Google Cloud or Cloud Run - but a general notion of what a web application is and how you develop it is certainly helpful.

    The talk is a presentation and a hands-on demo. I usually take questions as they come up (if they are relevant at that point), with a Q&A at the end to round up all questions. It takes me 45 minutes to one hour to run through the deck, depending on interactivity.

  • Cross-language pipelines in Apache Beam

    Online event

    This month, Alexey Romanenko will be joining us from Paris to present a talk on using cross language pipelines in Apache Beam (for example, executing custom Python machine learning code within a Java pipeline).

    Some things he'll cover:
    - What is a cross-language pipeline in Beam and why would we use it?
    - How to create a mixed Java/Python pipeline?
    - How to set it up and run?
    - What kind of requirements and pitfalls can we expect in this case?

    Alexey is a Principal Software Engineer at Talend. In his 20+ years in software development, he has worked on many high load web services, search engines and distributed systems. He is a Project Management Committee member of, and avid code contributor to, the Apache Beam project.

    Alexey 👉 https://bit.ly/2H2ZT6a

  • Tales from the trenches: repatriating 500TB of BigQuery data to Sydney

    Hear some war stories from Pablo Caif and Hamza Khan about how they recently repatriated 500TB of BigQuery data from the EU region to Sydney at REA Group.

    Deets 👉 https://bit.ly/3aQdnwW
    Pablo 👉 https://bit.ly/2Qhtfiy
    Hamza 👉 https://bit.ly/2QiPl3S

  • Next OnAir Extended: Cloud Run - a Knative ready, Google Cloud managed product

    We are excited to have Guillaume Blaquiere, a Google Developer Expert in Google Cloud and Lead Cloud Architect at Veolia, presenting a virtual talk for our Next Extended edition of GDG Cloud Melbourne - all the way from Lyon, France!

    In 2019, Google Cloud Platform introduced a new product: Cloud Run. It allows you to deploy containers and serve them serverlessly. This session will present the advantages of the Knative compatibility of Cloud Run and how to leverage this (with a demo).

    Join the session on Hangouts Meet - you'll see the link upon RSVP closer to the date.

  • Machine Learning: Automated diagnosis of blinding diseases on GCP/TF

    As part of bringing you content online, we are excited to have Samuel Marks (Google Developer Expert) hosting a virtual session on his amazing work on diagnosing blinding diseases using machine learning (including tools such as JAX, Trax and Tensorflow).

    Samuel submitted his PhD (Medicine) to the University of Sydney earlier this year. In Australia, he is one of only two Google Developer Experts for Machine Learning. He runs an open-source consultancy focused on scalable engineering, and a charity furthering his doctoral research on facilitating very large-scale medical diagnostic screening programs.

    Join the session on Hangouts Meet - you'll see the link upon RSVP closer to the date.

  • GDG Cloud Melbourne: combining ML & baking on GCP!

    Online event

    As part of bringing you content online, this month Sara Robinson (Developer Advocate at Google) will be hosting a virtual session on how she used Google Cloud to build a machine learning model that predicts what you are trying to bake based on the ingredients you're using!


    Sara has been a wonderful supporter of GDG Cloud Melbourne since we started the community meetup back in 2017, and she has presented several times to us. It should be a fun morning and a great way to interact the Google Cloud community virtually :)

    Note: As Sara has kindly agreed to present all the way from her home in Boston, it's a morning meetup (8am), so grab your coffee, mute your mic and sit back and enjoy it.

    Join the session on Hangouts Meet - you'll see the link upon RSVP.

  • GDG Cloud Melbourne - TensorFlow Virtual Meetup - April

    Online event

    As part of bringing you content online, this month Tanya Grunina (Technical Program Manager at Google Brain) will be hosting a virtual session on TensorFlow TFX.

    Formed in the early 2010s, Google Brain is a deep learning artificial intelligence research team at Google. Combining open-ended machine learning research with systems engineering and Google-scale computing resources.

    Tanya will be sharing insight on TFX and data cleaning with TensorFlow, as well as fielding a broader discussion on Machine Learning.

    Join the session on Hangouts Meet - you'll see the link upon RSVP.

  • Google Cloud Melbourne (February)

    A Cloud Guru

    Doors open for drinks at 5:30pm, and talks will kickoff at 6pm. There'll also be nibbles, and when the talks finish up there will be more time for drinks and networking. Look forward to seeing you then.

    Read our code of conduct here: https://gdgcloud.melbourne/cod

    *** PLEASE NOTE: We are in a new venue for this one ***


    🎤 "Introducing Tensorflow 2.x" - Wilan Wong, Director - Analytics & AI @ Deloitte

    Wilan will give us an overview of the new features for Tensorflow 2.x and how it makes it easier than ever to get started with building your own neural network

    🎤 "Apache Spark in the Google Cloud" - Jeffrey Aven, Cloud Computing Consultant @ Aven Solutions

    This talk will explore the various methods of deploying Apache Spark clusters and applications in the Google Cloud, from managed Spark clusters using Dataproc, to Dataproc jobs executed in GKE clusters, to Spark standalone deployed on GKE, to Spark using Kubernetes on GKE as a cluster manager.

    The presenter, Jeffrey Aven, is a cloud/big data consultant and instructor based in Melbourne, who is the author of several books including Data Analytics with Spark Using Python (Addison-Wesley Data & Analytics Series) and SAMS Teach Yourself Apache Spark in 24 Hours.

  • GDG Cloud (Melbourne) DevFest 2019

    REA Group

    Get ready for a full day of GCP talks and labs, from a range of Google and industry speakers.

    This will be a great chance to find out more about the many facets of GCP and meet other like-minded cloud folk. We will have lunch and snacks during the day, then pop down to the Oxford Scholar pub afterwards for drinks. All ticket sales will be going to charity!

    Please see the website for details and ticket purchase


    If you would like to apply to speak at the DevFest, please fill out the CfP form


    Here's a direct link to the ticket purchase page on Eventbrite


    See you there!

    * Please note; RSVP's will not be accepted on the Meetup page but through Eventbrite instead.