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Embracing Monorepo, State of Angular, NativeScript. CoHost Modern Web+Angular MV
Join us for a front end focused GDG event! Partnered with Modern Web and Angular MTV. Check out our co-hosts: Modern Web and Angular MTV! Special thanks to the Angular team for sponsoring great food at this event! We'll start off this event with a State of Angular from Stephen Fluin then 3 talks. Speaker: Jeff Cross, Co-Founder, Title: Embracing the Monorepo with Nx Talk: Description: Teams building large applications have a lot of common challenges. How to provide consistent design and experience across many applications? How to avoid solving the same problems many times across teams? How to efficiently verify that shared libraries and apps work together as both are evolving? Nx (Nrwl Extensions for Angular) solves these challenges and more by encouraging teams to keep many applications and shared libraries in the same repository, or a "monorepo." Jeff Cross from Nrwl ( will specifically discuss why the monorepo approach makes sense for large teams, and what Nx does to help teams organize their code in this fashion. Speaker: Nathan Walker, Co-Founder, nStudio Title: Balance and Harmony with Angular and NativeScript Talk: "Metal" from our computers and devices is one of the 5 essential elements of Feng Shui and it surrounds us everywhere we go. Although the user interface on these devices is not often considered an element of this analysis, color certainly is and an experience with these devices can certainly affect our immediate environment (and mood!). Let's discuss how bringing together Angular and NativeScript can help achieve balance and harmony between the web and mobile spaces which affect our everyday lives. Nathan Walker from nStudio (Tracy - I will provide a website link when it is complete by end of next week) has been experimenting with these 2 technologies since they first emerged and has gone on to create several successful products with them. Along the way, we'll learn some tips and best practices when using them together as well in an Nx workspace (spoiler alert!). Speaker: Matias Niemala, Angular Core Team, Google Talk: TBD More info coming soon!

Crane Beach room, Google building CL2,

1200 Crittenden Lane · Mountain View, CA

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