Containers for Networking and Kubernetes Runtime Security

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This month we will be featuring a few talks.

Speaker: Dr. Dinesh Subhraveti, Co-Founder & CTO of appOrbit

Title: Containers for Networking, not just Networking for Containers

Abstract: Containers do a fantastic job of simplifying application management by operating close to the application layer and encapsulating just the minimal application state within the container abstraction. However, they don’t address the necessary network and storage counterparts which still remain as complex. In fact, containers place very specific requirements on networking and storage infrastructure to accommodate their scale and rate of churn.

As an application platform, Kubernetes masks and absorbs the underlying infrastructure complexity by exposing well-designed interfaces to the application. However it has to ultimately rely on infra-level mechanisms such as iptables and overlays to support those interfaces. Truly addressing the complexity requires abstracting network to the application level. What is needed is not just to somehow plumb traditional networking into containers but a container-equivalent abstraction of networking that is fundamentally simple.

Speaker: Jen Tong, Developer Advocate Google

Title: Kubernetes Runtime Security

Abstract: Containers make it easier than ever to prevent insecure deployments, but mistakes and new vulnerabilities happen. Runtime security focuses on responding to breaches as they occur, and gathering information for forensic analysis. In this talk Jen will guide you through common runtime security concerns, and discuss how they change as you move to containers and Kubernetes.