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Flutter + Firebase Meetup

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Jason Z. and 3 others
Flutter + Firebase Meetup


Welcome to our special meetup on Flutter + Firebase.

Venue: Pivotal Software @ Funan Office Tower "01"

1] Knative Serving - Deploying & Serving of serverless functions
by Mr Yogendra (Yogi) Rampuria, Platform Architect, Pivotal SG

2] Thinking reactively with Firebase - Intro to RxFire & FlutterFire
by Mr James Daniels, Firebase Team, Google US

3] Overview of 6 Flutter talks given at I/O & Cloud Next
by Mr Brett Morgan, Dart & Flutter Team, Google AU

Thanks to Pivotal ( for the support.
Pivotal Software @ Funan
109 North Bridge Road, Funan, Level 6 · Singapore, al
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