• Increasing Mobile app User Engagement & Retention with Firebase

    Details Tentative Schedule 6:30 - Snacks and socializing * 7:00 - Short greeting and intro by GDG Organizer 7:15 - Evening topic - Increasing Mobile app User Engagement & Retention with Firebase We'll hear about Firebase tools that will aid app developers to drive engaging experiences and increase retention. Presented by Ramanjaneyulu Kakarla (Ramu Kakarla) - Director of Mobile Engineering at Ameriprise Financial. In the past, Ramu has worked with American Express and Samsung on different layers of the mobile stack. Love to connect and chat about technologies. Thank you, Agosto, for hosting our May meetup!

  • International Women's Day event featuring Ashley McCray (IWD '19)

    In honor of International Women's Month, let's talk about the numbers. Women make up 50% of the workforce but less than 20% of tech positions. At this GDG meet up we will discuss the data, its business/innovation implications, what it means, and how we can take steps to change the outlook for women in STEM. Speaker Ashley McCray is a Chemical Engineer, non – profit leader, Motivational Speaker, and Public Servant. She is a Research and Development Engineer at General Mills where she is pivotal in launching, innovating and renovating products for the multi-million dollar, Old El Paso brand. She is the President of the Twin Cities Professional Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, a non – profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of minorities in STEM fields. Ms. McCray also sits on the Regional Board of Directors for the National Society. As a motivational speaker, she has served as the University of Pittsburgh’s Commencement Speaker, Minnesota State University at Mankato’s Keynote for their Diversity Days, and held various professional development workshops at conferences all over the country. Ms. McCray was recently interviewed on MPR about her commitment to change the face of STEM. As a public servant, Ashley is Co-creator of the STEMulating Young Minds Institute, a training program for educators and community leaders interested in successfully teaching and engaging students in STEM principles, Girl Scout Troop Leader and a Big Sister in Big Brother/Big Sister Twin Cities. With these organizations, she has developed and implemented community – based engineering exposure and outreach programs across the United States of America. Ashley currently serves as ITQ Development Chair for General Mills’ Black Champions Network. Through Ashley’s content creation and leadership, the ITQ Development team supports evidence-based policies and practices to increase retention and job satisfaction of the technical talent of color in the global corporation.

  • Special event: Google Cloud Platform

    Agosto Inc

    We have three talks lined up for this special meetup, with Google Speakers (Wesley Chun, Ryan Matsumoto, and Marc Cohen). 1) Cloud computing and Introduction to Google Cloud (Wesley Chun) Cloud computing has taken over industry by storm, yet there are still those confused by what it means. Is it getting VMs and your stack running on it? Is it switching from Microsoft Word to Google Docs? What if I'm a developer who wants to avoid doing DevOps work and just get their code online and accessible globally as quickly as possible? This session begins with a (believe it or not) vendor-agnostic, high-level overview of cloud computing, including its three primary service levels. This is followed by an overview of Google Cloud, its plethora of APIs from both GCP & G Suite, and which products serve at which cloud service levels. This session is followed by deeper dives into our serverless and ML/AI APIs. 2) Running code using Google Cloud serverless (Ryan Matsumoto) Learn more about Google Cloud Platform's serverless computing products: App Engine and Cloud Functions. We'll cover advantages of serverless computing, key features, and demos to show you how to get started. 3) Democratizing AI (Marc Cohen) An overview of Google's Cloud AI services in three parts: 1) access rich, pre-trained models via simple API calls, 2) deploy your own TensorFlow or Keras models to train and serve in the cloud, and 3) AutoML, which offers a balance between ease of use and customizability. I hope you can join us for this special event. Thank you to our sponsor Agosto for the presentation room and food.

  • DevFestMN 2019

    University of St. Thomas School of Law

    Fifth Annual DevFest. All details and tickets at https://devfest.mn

  • IoT in Google Cloud by Example

    Agosto Inc

    For the January GDG Meetup, Googler Dave Anderson will tell us the latest about the IoT ecosystem in Google Cloud through examples. The talk will cover IoT Edge capabilities, gateway capabilities, monitoring, and IoT Core. Agenda 6:30 Gather and Socialize 7:00 Presentation - IoT in Google Cloud by Example Thank you, Agosto, for hosting our January meetup!

  • Holiday Party and Bowling at Elsie's

    Elsie's Restaurant, Bar, & Bowling Center

    Let's celebrate a great year of content and community. We will host apps, some drinks, and have prizes. Bowling optional, community not-optional.

  • Intro to Android Things

    The Nerdery

    If someone gave you a camera and a board with CPU, memory, networking components, etc. and asked you to make it take a picture, where would you begin? In this talk, we’ll take a look at Android Things — Google’s platform for building IoT devices using the Android framework. Then, we’ll look at a demo built on an Android Things kit. This talk will be geared toward people who are familiar with Android and unfamiliar with hardware or embedded software engineering. Agenda 6:00 - Food & networking* 6:30 - Welcome & announcements 7:00 - The Excellent Graham Earley walk through his Android Things presentation 8:00 - Adjourn & continue building Android apps *please show up as close to on time as possible. The Nerdery is generous with their space after business hours. Early arrivals cannot be accommodated. If you need to travel early, there are a number of great parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars in the area.* Thanks again to The Nerdery for being our hosts for the evening!

  • Intro to ARCore Workshop – A DevFest Series Event

    ===================UPDATE=================== Hey folks, We’re excited to see you all Tuesday at Agosto to learn and play around with ARCore and Sceneform! We’ll be limited on time, so we’ll start promptly, and you’ll want to get to this checklist *before* arriving† Pre-Event Checklist: 1) Bring a laptop 2) Download Android Studio to your laptop: https://developer.android.com/studio/install 3) Add the Sceneform plugin to Android Studio. You can install this by selecting “Preferences” from Android Studio, then the “plugins” section and “browse repositories” for "Google Sceneform Tools (Beta)" 4) Clone this repository (If you have questions about how to clone a repo, check out this link: https://services.github.com/on-demand/github-cli/clone-repo-cli): https://github.com/googlecodelabs/sceneform-intro 5) Download the 3D models for the codelab https://github.com/googlecodelabs/sceneform-intro/raw/master/sampledata.zip 6) Bring your ARCore Compatible device if possible (if you don’t have one, we’ll have some devices for you folks to use during the event). You can find the list of supported devices here: https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices †If you can’t do this before the meetup, it’s definitely still okay to come. It’ll just make everything smoother for you and us if you can. ========================================================= Bring your laptops and join us as the excellent Chelsea Okey shows us the ropes regarding the basics of developing with ARCore for Android. Tentative Schedule 6:30 - Snacks and socializing * 6:45 - Short greeting and intro by GDG Organizer 7:00 - Chelsea presents a brief intro to ARCore 7:15 - We'll go through the codelab together 8:45 - Adjourn and go make your own ARCore apps Presented by Chelsea Okey *Remember, the volunteers at Agosto are generous with their time and space, but they can't accommodate early arrivals. Please don't show up before 6:30. If you're in the area early, there are several great coffee shops and bars nearby. ARCore is Google’s platform for building augmented reality experiences. Join us as we learn about how to develop real AR apps using different free APIs from Google. This event is intended for developers new to ARCore who’d like to get started building apps using ARCore. No previous experience is required to attend, but it would be more beneficial to be serious about learning about ARCore and how to implement it. If you'd like to take a look at the codelab in advance, you can find it here: https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/sceneform-intro/index.html?index=..%2F..%2Findex#0

  • Android Application Architecture and Navigation

    Join us as inimitable local Android engineer Bryan Herbst walks us through Android Application Architecture and Navigation. Should I use an Activity or a Fragment? Why is my backstack so broken? How do I get my users where they want to go? Find answers to these questions and more! We will explore Android application architecture, the new navigation library, and how you can start integrating the navigation library in your applications. Agenda 6:00 - Food & networking* 6:30 - Welcome & announcements 7:00 - Bryan will walk through Android Application Architecture and Navigation 8:00 - Adjourn & continue building Android apps *please show up as close to on time as possible. The Nerdery is generous with their space after business hours. Early arrivals cannot be accommodated. If you need to travel early, there are a number of great parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars in the area.* Thanks again to The Nerdery for being our hosts for the evening!

  • Google Cloud Next '18 Extended

    Agosto Inc

    Join us for a lunchtime event at Agosto. We will review key announcements from the Google Cloud Next '18 event. We'll have a number of lightning talks - a few minutes on several topics. 11:30-12:00 Socialize and eat some Pizza Luce rounds and salad. 12:00-1:00 Google NEXT lightening talks (see the lineup below) Apigee API Management for Istio (GA) - JOSH PALM Soon you can use your existing Apigee Edge API management platform to wrangle microservices running on the Istio service mesh. Istio - KARL KROENING Introduction and demo of Istio with Kubernetes. Cloud Search - GREG BOLLOM New functionality in Cloud Search to help companies intelligently and securely index third-party data beyond G Suite (whether the data is stored in the cloud or on-premises). This functionality is being deployed to an initial set of customers. Cloud Functions - THOMAS BOHMBACH Cloud Functions is Google Cloud’s event-driven serverless platform that offers flexible, fast cloud app development. During Next ’18, Google announced that Cloud Functions is now generally available and ready for production use. And, new language runtimes: Node 8 and Python 3.7 were announced. Cloud IoT Edge - PAUL LUNDBERG Cloud IoT Edge extends Google Cloud’s powerful AI capability to gateways and connected devices.