• Using Kotlin with SpringBoot 2 for Microservices

    Atomic Robot

    This month, Wesley Workman will talk to us about his favorite backend tech: using Kotlin with SpringBoot 2 for microservices. Wesley is a Principle Software Engineer for Zillow Group working primarily on backend services. He is a repeat presenter for GDG Cincinnati and spoke at Ohio DevFest 2017. Meet and greet from 6 to 6:30pm, presentation will start about 6:30pm. Participant survey link: https://goo.gl/Y8Y9Gu

  • Build a Santa Tracker App for Android with Jetpack Compose

    It's our annual Android holiday coding event! This year we will take our existing Santa Tracker app from 2017 written in Kotlin and enhance it using the new Jetpack Compose framework! This is a bit of an advanced coding event, so prior development experience will be helpful. If you've been to one of our coding events before, you should be fine. We'll be starting with an existing codebase and adding additional features using Jetpack Compose. IMPORTANT! You will need to bring a laptop that can run Android Studio. For this code lab, we will be using the new Android Studio 4.0 Canary 6 preview version. Please download, install, and make sure it's working before the event! Download it here: https://developer.android.com/studio/preview This event has been popular in previous years and we have limited seating. If you do RSVP and then are not able to attend we ask that you update your RSVP status so that someone else on the waitlist will be able to attend. Participant survey link: https://goo.gl/Y8Y9Gu

  • Monthly GDG Cincinnati Presentation: Native Mobile Integration with Flutter

    Are you thinking about using Flutter for your next mobile app? Great! Are you concerned about how you might integrate with Android or iOS? This is the talk for you! With Patrick Hammond as our guide, we will learn about how you can quickly and easily integrate with the native platforms and get back to building awesome apps! No Flutter experience is required to get value from this discussion. About Patrick Hammond: Patrick is one of the GDG Cincinnati co-organizers, Ohio DevFest co-organizers, and co-founders of Atomic Robot. He has been doing mobile development for many years -- developing apps for Android, iOS, and now Flutter. Participant survey link: https://goo.gl/Y8Y9Gu

  • Monthly Presentation: Build with ALL of Cloud (GCP & G Suite)

    Kroger Digital at Atrium Two

    IMPORTANT! This month, we'll be downtown again at Kroger's office in Atrium Two. Many of you are familiar with G Suite as Google's set of productivity tools comprised of Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You may also know something about GCP, the Google Cloud Platform, as a collection of online services including virtual machines, data storage, networking, security, and machine learning APIs as well as serverless products. While they appear to be disparate product groups, what you may NOT know is that behind each of the G Suite apps is a developer API, and that both platforms can be used together to build powerful solutions. At the end of the day, it isn't just about the tech, it's about what problems you can solve with it. This session exposes developers to some of the more well-known APIs from both GCP & G Suite as well as highlights several novel solutions that have already been built as sample apps but also serve as inspiration into what's possible. The goal is to show developers the potential of building with ALL of Google Cloud. Google Developer Expert, Wesley Chun (Twitter @wescpy) is the author of Prentice Hall's bestselling "Core Python" (corepython.com) series, co-author of "Python Web Development with Django" (withdjango.com), and has written for Linux Journal, CNET, and InformIT. In addition to being a Developer Advocate at Google focused on Google Cloud (for higher education) and a host of the G Suite Dev Show (goo.gl/JpBQ40), he runs CyberWeb (cyberwebconsulting.com), a consultancy specializing in Python training. Wesley has over 25 years of programming, teaching, and writing experience, and was one of the original Yahoo!Mail engineers. He is based in Silicon Valley, holds degrees in CS, Math, and Music from the University of California, and is a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation. Participant survey link: https://goo.gl/Y8Y9Gu How to find us: Enter Atrium Two from 4th Street. The meeting space is on the first floor, across the lobby, past Kitty's Coffee, behind the glass wall. PARKING: There are a variety of parking options near Atrium Two. Most on-street parking is limited to 60 minutes or less, so a parking lot or garage is probably the best choice. If you are unfamiliar with parking downtown, you can find parking options on the Best Parking website: https://www.bestparking.com/cincinnati-oh-parking/destinations/atrium-two-parking/?daily=1