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Introduction to Cloud Run

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Introduction to Cloud Run


Ready to get into the clouds in 2021?
Join GDG Cloud and Women Techmakers for a two-part event on the cloud platforms.

For this part 2 of our event, we are joined by Wietse Venema for a talk on Google Cloud Run.

Cloud Run is a new serverless compute product that runs stateless HTTP containers on a fully managed environment or in your own GKE cluster.
It may be the most interesting compute platform you'll use in the years ahead and there are so many cool things you can do with it.
So join this talk by the person who wrote the O'Reilly book on the topic (yes, that's a big deal!) and get a solid understanding of Cloud Run. In one hour, Wietse will give you a quick deep-dive into:

  1. what Cloud Run is
  2. what the developer workflow looks like and
  3. how you can use Cloud Run together with other compute products on Google Cloud.

There's a hands-on demo at the end and time for questions. We will also leave you with resources, so you can practise what you learned in your own time.


  • 12:00 Introduction to Cloud Run, by Wietse Venema
  • 12:40 demo and Q&A
  • 13:00 End

Here's a bit about Wietse in his own words: "I'm a software engineer. If I'm not helping teams to build scalable and reliable software, I'm figuring out how things work so I can be a better engineer and teacher. I work at to help companies build what's next in the public cloud."

You can learn more about Wietse here:

And check out his book here:

Follow the livestream here:
Post your questions in the comment section, Wietse will answer them at the end.

Questions? Drop us a message and we will get back to you asap.

See you at the talk!

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