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Deep Dive to NOOK App Dev. Analyze Big Data&build applications w/Google BigQuery

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It is middle of summer, and cool water is so tempting... Come on, members of the East Bay GDG, let's go deep dive into the NOOK App Development process with Tom Chavez, NOOK.

In additional to present us with a exciting and informative session, Tom and NOOK will provide food and drink for the attendees, thank you very much. In addition, Tom will bring some NOOK Developer pens, pads, bookmarks, and two NOOK Tablets (one for raffle (you need to be present to win) and the second one for members' development use). Please bring your business cards, one for the raffle, and others for networking. Read on for full event details, invite your friends, register for the event and attend. Please read on for full event details.

We all hear of Big Data, the Apps and the web applications that we use probably helps make us all contributor for the contents of the Big Data. Michael Manoochehri, Google will show us how to use Google BigQuery to analyze Big Data and gather valueable insights from the Big Data contents.

GDG East Bay appreciates the support from the city of Dublin, California. Regional Meeting Room is a first-class location for business and social events.


6:00pm Check in, networking, food/drinks (thanks NOOK)

6:15pm Analyze Big Data and build applications using Google BigQuery (Michael Manoochehri, Google)

7:15pm Transition break between two sessions

7:25pm NOOK Developer Presentation (Tom Chavez, NOOK)

8:25pm Raffle. Clean up. Networking.

Sessions' Descriptions:

Analyze Big Data and build applications using Google BigQuery (Michael Manoochehri. Google)

Google BigQuery is a "Big Data" analysis tool born from an internal Google technology known as Dremel. BigQuery enables developers to analyze terabyte data sets in seconds using a RESTful API and a SQL-like query language. We'll demonstrate how Google BigQuery works, and how you can you can incorporate the API into your own applications.

NOOK Developer Presentation (Tom Chavez, NOOK)

Join NOOK Developer for a workshop on NOOK Apps. Tom will lead us to deep dive into all the technical aspects to help you distribute your apps on NOOK tablets and cover the entire development process — from app creation to app submission. Learn how to quickly monetize your business in a storefront where, in the U.S., top-selling apps gross more than $100,000 in the first 30 days of sale.

Speakers' BIOs:

Michael Manoochehri is a Google Engineer supporting developers who work with Google's Cloud and Data platforms. With many years of experience working for research and non-profit organizations, he is interested in making data analysis on large scale computing infrastructure more accessible and affordable. Michael has written for tech blog, has spent time in rural Uganda researching mobile phone use, and has a Masters degree in Information Management and Systems from UC Berkeley's School of Information.

Tom Chavez recently joined the NOOK team and is focused around evangelizing the NOOK platform to the developer community at large. He loves working with developers, helping them bring their products to market by providing great tools, support, service and evangelism.

Tom has spent many years focused on developer relations and product management. He has worked with developers at a technical level, building these relationships and helping them excel on platforms. During his career Tom has worked at ACCESS (on products for Android), Apple Computer, Taligent, PalmSource, and Sun Microsystems.