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DevFest'22 - GDG 6 October

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DevFest'22 - GDG 6 October


DevFests are local tech conferences hosted by Google Developer Groups (GDG) around the world. Each DevFest event is crafted by its local organizers to fit the needs and interests of its local developer community. Whether it be through hands-on learning experiences, technical talks delivered in local languages by experts, or by simply meeting fellow local developers, DevFest attendees learn how to 



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Eslam Medhat, GDG Organizer | Chapter Leader

Google Developer Expert In Firebase 🔥.
had a lot of significant professional experiences as a Public Speaker. transformed hundreds of developers' lives by teaching them how to work with Android, Google Assistant, GCP, Flutter, UI UX, Web Development, and Gsuite in only 4 years by performing + 220 sessions across Egypt and outside Egypt.

ِAlaa Osama, GDG Organizer | WTM Chapter Leader

lobna ibrahem, GDG Organizer | WTM Ambassador

Front-end developer.... Passionate about Volunteering

Ahmed Sayed, GDG Organizer

Mohamed Hesham, GDG Organizer

GDG 6 October Co-Organizer (Google Developer Groups) || AC Head at @GDGOctober -Computer Science Student

Asmaa Seif, GDG Organizer

Mohamed Abu El-naga, GDG 6 October Organizer

Esraa Salah, GDG Organizer

Mahmoud Hendi, GDG 6 October Organizer

Mahmoud Alaa, GDG Organizer | Speaker

Yara Elkady, GDG 6 October Organizer | WTM

Mohamed Elamir, GDG 6 October Organizer

Egyptian Geek Passionate about internet of things, smart homes and Embedded systems.

Moaz El-sawaf, GDG 6 October Organizer

Ahmed Farag Elsayed, GDG 6 October Team Member

Ahmed Ashraf, GDG 6 October Organizer

Hassan Alaa, GDG 6 October Team Member

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GDG 6 October
GDG 6 October
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