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As soon as you start integrating yourself into the software development industry, you'll likely begin to hear terms like version control, Git, repository, push, pull, commit, GitHub, etc. You may even start hearing people say strange things like: "Just pushed my changes" or "Can't wait to make this branch and get started!" or even - the strangest of them all - "fork me!".

Join GDI Minneapolis and Amy Gebhardt for an introduction to the world of version control, Git, and GitHub. We'll start from the very beginning of these concepts and in our few short hours together, you'll have made repos, branches, and more!


It's really hard to manually keep track of changes to code, new features, and when certain bugs were introduced. It's also hard to manually collaborate with other developers and have them integrate their own code changes directly into your shared project.

Version control is a tool that helps you keep track of all these changes to any type of file. It's most often used for source code. Git - a type of version control - is like a mini-file system that's working hard in the background to keep track of anything and everything for you. GitHub is a website where you can store and view your project files and their complete revision history.

Almost every developer job posting you see will require you to have some experience with Git (or something similar). Learning how to use and understand Git will give you the ability to work like most modern software teams do. In addition, you'll be able to post entire coding projects in a public place for other developers to see and work with you!

Want to try git for yourself? Github has a 15-minute tutorial you can go through on your own here (


Thursday, October 1 from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


This class will be taught by Amy Gebhardt, a local web application developer.


This class will not use actual code when committing to a GitHub repository, so no need to worry about knowing a particular programming language. A willingness to use the command line is necessary; we will be changing directories, listing directory contents, and using git from the command line throughout the class.

We'll be working together, so you should also bring your own computer to class and have administrative privileges for installing software. Also, don't forget to bring a power supply!


Please do the following in preparation for the workshop:

1) Sign up for a free Github account (

2) Download Git ( for your operating system


Prime Digital Academy (


We're here to help! If you have additional questions or would like to talk further before signing up for a class, please contact Susan, [masked] or Amy, [masked].

NOTE: We will be communicating with you about this class via the email address you have in Please make sure you check the email address you use for Meetup regularly. If we have fewer than 10 people signed up for this class a week before the starting date, it will be postponed for a later date.


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