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These days everyone wants what they want, when they want it. Well we're here to give you just that - we'll have a little bit of something for everyone! Come check out these craft spirits: vodka, bourbon and tequila!

Breckenridge Vodka

Made of 100% Midwest Sweet Corn and filtered through coconut shell charcoal, gluten-free Breckenridge vodka is not another boring neutral vodka. The minerality of our snowmelt water used for proofing defines one of the world's only vodka terroirs. This vodka, a medal winner at both the International Wine and Spirits Competition and World Spirits Competition, is bursting with flavor!

Cody's Road Bourbon

This bourbon is made form a mash of 70% corn from LeClaire, 20% wheat and 10% unmalted barley from Reynolds, IL. It is aged for one year in newly charred 30 gallon oak barrels, about half the size of a traditional whiskey barrels.

Cody Road Bourbon is a flavor and aroma experience unlike any other. Enjoy sweetness of corn, light fruit from wheat and a grassy, nutty finish from the unmalted barley. Vanilla and caramel from the oak dance around the sweet grain. Bottled at 90 proof, this bourbon has enough kick to know it's bourbon, but a beautifully smooth finish. It is a grain forward whiskey by design, as our whole story here is about the local grain we use in each batch. A remarkably unique flavor with our signature smoothness.

Tromba Tequila

Tromba Blanco is made from hand-selected agave and is lovingly crafted in small batches, resulting in a very light, sweet and refreshing tequila. Its smooth, viscous finish emits fresh botanical aromas and tasting notes of mint, pineapple and caramel.

Tromba Reposdado is aged in white oak barrels for 6 months, resulting in sweet, nutty tequila with notes of chocolate and caramel.

Our complimentary tastings are set up in a way that allows our guests to arrive at any point during the time period. The tastings are meant to be a fun, social, educational & tasty experience!

We are located 1 block from the Jennifer St. exit at the FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS metro station. We have ON SITE parking (space is limited). If you are driving and are unable to obtain a spot in our garage the parking on side streets is free and has a 2 hour time limit until 7 PM (no limit after 7). You may also park in the bank parking lot across the street AFTER 6 PM!! Please let us know if you have any questions!