RPG Sunday Game Day

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Event Horizon

1121 Jackson St NE, room 106A · Minneapolis, MN

How to find us

The parking lot is on the east side of the building (facing Central), enter door 1121C.

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For this day's events we have pre-generated characters, each unique or special. And I will be tweaking them more for next game day!

* Old school style! Where the players skill at reasoning and planning is as important if not more so then the magic or might the character has!

The party is on a urgent quest to recover 3 artifacts/relics for a group of rich collectors who have them stolen from them.

Each is very powerful and dangerous....
Already 2 party members had nearly died or died but brought back from the edge....

Very dangerous.
Are you up for it!


We are opening up Sundays to do Role-playing, if you are a gamer (originally applied to RPG fans before adopted by others)…. Open up your schedules for some good action. Considering running a game? Contact the organizers. Want to join in a game? Show up and talk with the GM’s (Game Masters). On board we have one game so far.

It’s a Role-playing setting set for new and old players. Want to learn the art of Role-playing, or step away from the Dungeon lawyering, Meta Gamers, Min/Max’ers, or even the Monty Haulers? Join us, you will learn how to handle those situations and maintain fairness. Have no idea what each of these terms mean? No worries, it might not be too late for you.

An Epic game setting of grand possibility, but you have to take every step thinking, working, and really Old School. But every grand worthwhile journey starts with but the first few steps from the door out to the unknown.

Contact the GM, K. McColl, for details. Game Mastering since the 70’s.

Keep eye on schedule for events and forthcoming newsletters. Have a game idea, want to advertise it, and run it?

Contact us.

Keep the RPG conversations going on the Discussion Board. (http://www.meetup.com/geekgaming/messages/boards/forum/18494322)