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We all need and deserve to love and be loved. Some of the lucky ones manage to do it incredibly well first time around which serves and supports them to live a happy and fulfilled life.

For the rest of us it needs a bit more work and that work can be easy and enjoyable if you have the skills and wisdom to do it well. Or you can choose to go round in circles and make it incredibly hard, frustrating and almost impossible.

This group is here to support you if you feel you keep coming up against a brick wall dating the same person or feeling alone or convincing yourself that you are happy being single, have lots of friends etc.

What will the rest of your life be like if you never create the opportunity to meet your perfect soul mate?

The love of your life is out there and what if you miss her because you are not aligned or supportive enough of yourself to attract her?

Have you been hurt and are you letting that fear and pain and upset damn the flow of what you truly deserve now.

If this is you then be assured you are not alone, and more importantly if you try to deal with it and fix it alone without the tools and thinking required to do it differently, you will be damning yourself to that old awful cycle that you already know simply doesn’t work!

There is a better way! I am Vivien, a relationship pyschology coach or in other words, I help single people just like you, learn powerful tools and techniques that will support you to evolve, to develop wisdom that will allow you to easily overcome any trust, deservedness or being totally worth it issues, so that you can and will be ready to attract true love into your life again.

I look forward to supporting you in person

Vivien Louise :)

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