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Let's get together before the end of the year to hear from you, our amazing community. If you have something that you've been working on and dying to tell everyone about, now is your chance!

This is true lightning talk style. 5 minutes max so keep it short, sweet, and tell us a compelling story. With 8-10 talks in a row we want to be educated and entertained.------------------------

Lightning talks:

1) Mike Dvorak - Creating Colorful and Responsive Wind Maps for SF Bay creates daily, just-in-time SF Bay wind forecasts for sailors. The website utilizes on-demand supercomputing, PostGIS, Geoserver, GeoWebCache, Leaflet, and Drupal to deliver a responsive website to our members 365-days per year. An example map can be view at

2) Dennis Luxen - Open Source Routing Machine: High Performance Routing with OpenStreetMap Data

"The Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) is a high-performance routing engine for shortest paths in road networks. It combines sophisticated routing algorithms with the open and free road network data of the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project. OSRM is able to compute and output a shortest path between any origin and destination within a few miliseconds.

The talk will introduce OSRM as a building block to app developers that are looking for a way to integrate routing into their code. The blocks to integrate range from simple a->b routes to distance tables which are the basic ingredient into anything logistics. As a bonus, a sneak peek into the redesigned web UI will be given."

3) Brian M Hamlin - SOLR Spatial and PostGIS

Using an updated spatial benchmark, compare metrics between SOLR Spatial and PostGIS; observations on the nature of each environment.

4) Matt Sidor - When Design Meets GIS: Making a Super-Custom, Minimalist Web Map

"In my new job at UC Davis, I was tasked with making an interactive web map for our energy dashboard that matched our designer's minimalist aesthetic. I realized pretty quickly that Google Maps just wouldn't cut it. In my lightning talk, I'd like to show the process we went through to find a custom mapping solution using a combination of Leaflet.js, OpenStreetMap, QGIS, and Mapbox Studio."

5) Alan Laframboise - Building the GIS Day app in <150 lines of JS code

"Just a few short weeks ago we celebrated GIS Day 2015. In order to track events and let people explore what was going on all around the world, we built a cool GIS Day mapping app. The app was also used by a number of schools and organizations to build their very own GIS Day app. In this talk I'll show you how we got it all done in less than 150 lines of JavaScript code. And yes, the entire app is open source!"

6) Alan McConchie - Trivariate hexbins with CartoDB

I'll show off a bit of a hack I've been using to visualize the density of three different point datasets simultaneously, just using a bit of CartoDB trickery. I showed this off a little bit at NACIS.

7) Mikey - Bowties: Polygon 'Validity'

"(1) A definition of 'validity' (ST_isValid, etc.).(2) A defense of the definition of validity.(3) The nuisance of invalidity.(4) A reasonable solution."

8) Eric Theise - Which Way is Inbound?

Though SF Muni routes are prefaced with the modifiers "Inbound" and "Outbound", their use of the terms often has little to do with their commonly understood meaning. In this presentation I'll use open data and an open source geostack to visually, then statistically, analyze and discuss the resulting cognitive dissonance.