GeoNYC is lit 2018


Hey GeoNYC!

This month, once again we are turning the content back on you! We are planning a night of the GeoNYC community getting up on stage and telling their stories. We will provide the platform, the drinks and the pizza.

We will have 12 talks from submissions. 5 minutes each, very strict.

It'll be a great night of new ideas, a breakneck pace and lots of talk of spatial thinking and projects.

Lightning Speakers (not final presentation order):

Philipp Katz - streeteasy
Ray Cha - open transit data toolkit
Noel Hidalgo - new tools from betanyc
Candy Chan - project subway nyc
Alexandra Aiello - electric citi bikes
Diana Shkolnikov -
Stuart Lynn - better search for nypl maps
Jolynn Schmidt - environmental justice
Aleksey Bilogur - geoplot
Phillip Ulbrich - fema and hurricane maria
Justin Racz - a local map project

6:30PM: Mingle: doors, beer, pizza and people
7:00PM: GeoNews & Community updates
7:15PM: Lightning/ Ignite talks
8:30PM+: The after-hours celebrations